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NCCC part 4: Finalizing the logo

Rusty put the two versions of the logo that I had provided to a vote, getting feedback from everyone that he could. It was a really tough decision, because the girl looked more dynamic and interesting (especially to climbers), but some people (generally non-climbers) also said they thought she looked unstable and unsafe. Rusty wondered […]

NCCC, part 3: Refining the logo

After sending off my digital “sketches,” shown in yesterday’s post, Rusty decided he liked the girl better and asked to spin the “old man” profile and have it on the outside of the mountain on the left side to be more true to depictions of that image. He also asked me to try to move […]

NCCC, part 2: sketching and more sketching

Armed with a detailed design brief and the logo created by the previous designer, I spent some time on quick sketches, trying some options with a climber and other more abstract shapes reminiscent of the climbing wall “prow,” pictured below: I sent Rusty the first batch of sketches: (the first batch did not include the […]

NCCC, part 1: awesome design brief

My former coworker Rusty Talbot left the web industry recently to pursue a dream – opening a climbing gym in the beautiful hills of New Hampshire. He came to me after his artist was unable to complete the branding project to see if I could take it over. Rusty sent me one of the best, […]

New family life comics

Here are some recent comics… (Click to view larger) Matthew (3 1/2 yrs old) really dislikes snuggling with Steve if Steve doesn’t have a shirt on. One of my biggest challenges right now is keeping my patience when helping Steven (just turned 6) to practice piano. Benjamin (1 yr 9 mo) is starting to say […]

My treadmill desk

I’ve been wanting a treadmill desk since 2005, when I first read about James Levine putting one together. (Reference one of my comics from 2005’s Christmas newsletter:) Steve and I are not quite as penurious as we used to be in 2005, and it was reading this blog post by Ann Marie Michaels where she […]

NaNoDrawMo 2013: Mostly comics

This is my third year successfully completing NaNoDrawMo! (See 2009 and 2011. Apparently odd years are my good ones.) This year, I went with drawing mostly comics. It got challenging near the end to come up with new material, although most of the stuff I drew involved real-life situations that had happened within the past […]

Climbing baby is sad.

Working it out

One parenting principle that we try to follow – and frequently fail at – is to allow children to work out their own problems and not interfere, since 95% of fighting is really to get parents’ attention. But sometimes it’s hard to not step in.

Why I am tired. Part 2 of 2.


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