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New family life comics

Here are some recent comics… (Click to view larger) Matthew (3 1/2 yrs old) really dislikes snuggling with Steve if Steve doesn’t have a shirt on. One of my biggest challenges right now is keeping my patience when helping Steven (just turned 6) to practice piano. Benjamin (1 yr 9 mo) is starting to say […]

My treadmill desk

I’ve been wanting a treadmill desk since 2005, when I first read about James Levine putting one together. (Reference one of my comics from 2005’s Christmas newsletter:) Steve and I are not quite as penurious as we used to be in 2005, and it was reading this blog post by Ann Marie Michaels where she […]

NaNoDrawMo 2013: Mostly comics

This is my third year successfully completing NaNoDrawMo! (See 2009 and 2011. Apparently odd years are my good ones.) This year, I went with drawing mostly comics. It got challenging near the end to come up with new material, although most of the stuff I drew involved real-life situations that had happened within the past […]

Climbing baby is sad.

Working it out

One parenting principle that we try to follow – and frequently fail at – is to allow children to work out their own problems and not interfere, since 95% of fighting is really to get parents’ attention. But sometimes it’s hard to not step in.

Why I am tired. Part 2 of 2.

Why I am tired today. Part 1.

Why I was up at 3 am

(Technically, I was aware of Matthew coming back into our bed at 1:30 am, but my thought process went like this: “I should really put him back in bed… zzzzzzz.”) Click to view larger image. Also see: Why I was up at 5 am.

More family life comics

I’ve tweeted these comics before, but I hadn’t taken the time to scan them and put them up here, so here they are. Click to view a larger version. Matthew used to sleep with a special little pillow. He HAD to have it every night… along with a small blanket that he called his “banket […]

Why I was up at 5 am.


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