Publicly posting

I’ve been wanting to create a public blog for a while (friends and family are used to my ramblings on to be able to interact more with people in the professional world.

Why did I keep waiting?

  • I thought that I should develop a ‘brand’ before trying to make a splash as “Corrie Haffly – Web Designer and Developer.” My professional web site,, is okay, but not a terribly creative reflection of who I am. And the so-called “logo” was a two-minute font+shape maneuver.
  • I was intimidated by the quality designers out there who are also terrific bloggers. Who was I to try to join their ranks?
  • Having a publicly available record of my thoughts was a little scary.

But I’ve done it — signed up for a WordPress blog, played with the customization settings, and am typing away at my first post. Here’s why…

  • I have lots of pent-up posts!
  • I’m wordy, and my personal blog wasn’t enough.
  • I’m a faithful reader of David Seah’s blog (among others), and his friendly atmosphere makes me want to plug in and have my own place to respond to new ideas.
  • I hope that this will help me to network more with other people in my field.
  • Now I can get tagged with memes.
  • I am practicing how not to be a wimp.

Well, off to make some “about” type pages for this blog. I expect that I shall post quite regularly, if my track record from my personal blog is any indication!


4 thoughts on “Publicly posting

  1. Well done for getting started! I for one have been drawn to your blogs. I wish I could tell you my exact searches on Technorati, but it would have been down the work style, time management or personal productivity line.
    Dave Seah’s blog looks interesting too. Thanks for that link!
    I’ve just started a blog myself – – and I hope it will be as successful as yours!

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