More thoughts on creativity.

For some reason I feel pressure to come up with a creative blog title. It would be appropriate since this post contains more thoughts about creativity, but I can’t come up with one. Feel free to come up with your own and post it as a comment! 

Yesterday, a few new thoughts came out about this whole creativity business

  •  Sandra’s comment helped to focus me on why I’m asking this question and what the question is. I’m not saying that I’m not “creative,” or even trying (necessarily) to form a solid definition of creativity for me or anyone else. I’m trying to think about “who I am” so that I can develop a memorable, personal brand. These questions about “am I creative?” have come up because it seems that many other people perceive me as being creative, although I wouldn’t necessarily put that adjective in my top-three-list.
  • Steve didn’t consider “cooking” or “learning new things” to fall into his definition of “creative.” As I tried to explain, what it came down to was that the feeling I have when I am cooking or learning new things is the same feeling I have when I’m making something new with my hands. (Dave Seah twittered that perhaps for him, it’s the same feeling as when you find a great prize in a Cracker Jack box (sorry if I am misquoting you, Dave!).) I don’t like getting into discussions over semantics, but I call that “feeling creative.” Maybe I need a different word for it.
  • As Steve and I talked more, I realized that part of others’ perception of “creativity” is also tied in with quality. One might be very creative, but not have the skill or talent to express it. Steve said that he has described me as “creative” in the past because 1) I’m often making new things and 2) the new things I make are good/cool/nice/etc. If what I produced was no good, I would highly doubt that anyone would label me as “creative.”
    • So, wavering a bit from my thoughts yesterday, perhaps “creative” as an adjective is helpful after all, because for most people it ties in to other positive related thoughts about quality and uniqueness.

Whew! Thinking about his branding stuff makes me tired. I don’t know how other people do it.

A quick confession before I take off — as I was writing my first branding-related post  (with the title “Trying to brand myself. Moo.“), I — perhaps unfortunately — made an association with branding and cows that I can’t get rid of. Now, as I think about branding, I also think about cows… California cheese commercial cows, DA IRY… and this fun “music video” application from milko that amused my coworkers and I greatly. You can drag video, vocal, and musical effects onto the timeline in either rock, rap, or disco style once you get past the pop-up blockers and such. Anyway, playing with this back in 2004 has inevitably ingrained “moo, moomoomoo moo moooooo, moo moo moo!” into my head, so be forewarned!

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