Two weeks into my organizer

I’ve been using my new organizer for two weeks.

I still love it! But here are some changes I’ve made and additional thoughts that I’ve had after using it for two weeks. (These thoughts may not make sense unless you’ve read my previous posts.)

  • In hindsight, I wish I had put the year on my monthly calendar page layouts before printing them. I don’t feel like wasting paper, so I’ll have to wait until 2008…
  • I love, love, love the combination of a two-week spread with daily page insert. I don’t have a ton of set appointments, so the small boxes on the weekly page for each day have been working quite well, and provide plenty of extra room on the page for jotting down ideas, to-do’s, and other information. I’m using the daily page every day, although I’m still not filling out all the bubbles that I want to in my routine/food tracker form. Hopefully by the end of 2007 I’ll be getting my routines back down.
  • Initially, I was keeping the “past” daily sheets layered in between my weekly pages, but once I flipped over to my second week I found that it was distracting to have an uneven surface to write on. Plus they were making the organizer rather bulky. So I’ve started to file them in a separate section of my binder during the week, and then taking them out and filing them away (in a filing cabinet)  at the end of the week. I’ll probably recycle them eventually because I doubt I will look back at them too often.
  • I like the easy-to-remove-and-insert pages, but I’m running into a “filing” problem again where I’m finding myself flipping through my pages of notes. I need to figure out a better way to organize the random information that I have in the other sections of my organizer. (Does anyone have suggestions? Right now I’m thinking I should try having a frequently-used tab area, then an alphabetized “archive” area.)
  • I’ve been eyeing the Circa Card Holder as a step towards getting rid of my wallet and only having an organizer. It’s on sale right now, but I’ve been holding back still. Is it going to make the organizer too bulky? (I like the slim profile of my organizer.) Will I then need to look for a separate pouch that could hold loose change?

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