A catch-up week

Time for my week update again.

  • Hooray! I was able to schedule less stuff. Knowing that much of my time would be sucked up by the Important Customer photo gallery template project, I postponed other PixelMill projects that were postpone-able. This meant that I actually got through almost all of my to-do list! The main thing that I haven’t done is to plan for next week; maybe I’ll have some time tomorrow to do that.
  • I also had a pretty narrow focus for the rest of my alloted PixelMill time — we sent out our March newsletter Wednesday night announcing the introduction of TypePad templates at PixelMill, and so most of my time that wasn’t spent on photo galleries was spent getting ready for the launch and editing the newsletter.
  • I’m mostly caught up in other volunteer/client areas as well. Yesterday afternoon and tonight, I spent quite a bit of time running through the various 5-15 minute tasks that had piled up from the past two weeks; I have one major task for a volunteer site that I’ll work on this weekend.
  • I’m learning even more new things. Trial-by-fire with transparency was this week. I also got a small pile of books from Amazon that I couldn’t help but start reading during the baseball game last night to try to get into DOM scripting and eventually Ajax-type stuff (and I ordered Transcending CSS because it looked so pretty, too!).
  • Unfortunately, I’m feeling rather scatterbrained. I usually don’t misplace things, but for the life of me I can’t find the address list for a baby shower that I’m helping to throw for my friend. Not only that, I lost track of time and realized yesterday that we had intended to have all the invitations done by Sunday, and I hadn’t started yet! I think that between the new blog and heavier PixelMill workload, my brain is being spread a little thin. It also probably doesn’t help that I’ve fallen out of my usual daily routines… instead of my usual wake up, read Bible/pray, exercise, empty dishwasher, eat breakfast, shower, check email/blogs, I’ve been all over the place. Sometimes blogging before anything else, sometimes not eating breakfast. It throws me off a bit.
  • Perhaps I have too much on my plate. It’s hard to eat well, exercise, work hard (i.e., get my to-do list done and keep clients happy), blog, practice harp diligently, and spend quantity and quality time with Steve all in one day. At least one of those things don’t happen each day, and usually it’s more than one. Today, harp practice and exercise are falling by the wayside; that’s even with Steve working a late shift (which means that I work an extra-long day). On the other hand, I seem to be able to find enough time to go pick up a friend from the airport, try out different RSS readers, and take off early to watch a baseball game (albeit with Transcending CSS on my lap). Hm.
  • On the bright side, I did manage to be less concerned with blog stats. I didn’t exactly limit myself to once a day, but certainly spent less time looking at stats, referral links, etc. than the first week.

Looking forward…

  • To combat scatterbrainedness, I’m going to have to depend on my organization systems more heavily now and be disciplined with putting things where they belong, whether it’s physically on a shelf somewhere or writing it down in my planner. I’m also going to try to get back into my routines.
  • I’ll take some time tomorrow to plan out my work-week.
  • I’ve talked with PixelMill about reducing my hours with them temporarily. I’m going to spend a little more time on custom client work and also try to build a little more margin into my life.
  • I’m looking forward to Sunday, April 1st, when I can start using my new menu plan! Oops, maybe that isn’t exactly work-related.

Have a great weekend!

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