Perhaps I have been heavily influenced by Anne of Green Gables (the books), but I go into a rapturous state every spring when the trees and flowers start blooming. Or perhaps that’s from lack of oxygen because I’m sneezing so much. Whatever.

In any case, every spring my husband Steve has to deal with me dragging him around town to take pictures of “pink flowers.” I’m a purely amateur photographer with mostly point-and-shoot skills, but there is something about the flowering trees around here that makes me camera-trigger-happy.

This year I resolved to myself that I wouldn’t take pictures of spring flowers, because I already had lots of flower pictures from previous years and they bloom every single year.

But on one of my morning walks — I espied a beautiful pink tree (western redbud, perhaps?) and actually ran home to get my camera before the light changed too much (luckily I had just started my walk so I was just down the street).

Beautiful pink tree

And here’s a slightly-zoomed-in version:

Pink tree, closer

There was another tree on the shaded bike path that winds near our apartment. This one, I feel sure, was definitely a western redbud:

Western redbud

Western redbud

Oddly, my allergies have been extremely mild thus far, while all my friends around me are either having terrible allergies or developing allergies! (Knock on wood…)

Now I only wish that I had the skill to take pictures or video of the fluffy white blossoms that cover the trees immediately outside our apartment as they flutter down on the breeze. It’s like a winter spring wonderland; I love going outside and seeing white petals drift down all around me, piling up on the corners of the sidewalks in little petal drifts.

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