SummitStar Press Blog

Where have I been?!?!?!

I only realized today that my sister has her own non-password-protected blog for her SummitStar Press company, through which she has been publishing her own books; so far, one about organizing Christian events (and workbook with worksheets) and another one about teaching history with stuffed animals that came out of homeschooling her own children. She’s working on a few new books but I don’t know if I’m allowed to say anything about them.

Angela’s new/old blog (new to me, probably old to her) is specifically about “organizing, leadership, special events and creative communication.” So far it looks like she only has three posts so far (plus an intro), so I’ll be encouraging her to post more because I think she has valuable information to share! As my older sister by 11 years, she’s always been one of my primary mentors. It’s her fault that I learned to type when I was 6 and learned to use Illustrator when I was 14. It’s also her fault that I got a new organizer.

Um, enough about me, back to Angela. Visit her SummitStar Press blog if it sounds interesting to you.


3 thoughts on “SummitStar Press Blog

  1. Uh-oh… introducing me to your sister and her love for organizing is a dangerous combination… I just added three new sites/blogs to look at in my favorites… and will be liberally “borrowing” her ideas. Also, I’m already thinking about what I can teach Elizabeth in the near (and not so near) future and feeling the draw to buy your sister’s book on teaching history with stuffed animals. I’ll have to leave her a comment on her blog too and let her know! 🙂

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