Branding roadblock

Branding problem.

Poor little Ms. Cow is stuck flat on her behind because she can’t decide what target to aim for. (She has other problems, too, including that she’s apparently never learned how to hold a bow properly before.) But I can sympathize with her. I’ve run into a road block in my adventure of self-branding, namely, that I don’t have a “target market.” And I, too, have never learned to hold a bow properly.

“They” (the smart branding/business blogs and books that I’ve been reading) say that to be successful, you should focus your efforts and become an expert for a specific target market. I have a rather checkered list of clientele, including a vacation condo owner, an express dating organizer, photographers and artists, other web developers, and non-profit organizations.

When I ask myself who I want to work with, I end up with a list of qualities instead of specific marketable areas: friendly, fun, skilled people who appreciate quality and are doing something good in the world.


I am very tempted to be lazy and just move forward with designing a logo that I think reflects who I am and how I work. “If you design it, they will come,” right?


5 thoughts on “Branding roadblock

  1. What if your target market is people and subsequently their passions/interests/businesses. Can your logo represent that? If not, a logo that represents you probably would include all those qualities that you like “friendly, fun, skilled and doing something good in the world”.

  2. I agree with Gilda. You know, “target market” means that you have a FOCUS. It doesn’t have to be necessarily industry-based. Like, you don’t have to only focus on photographers. Choosing a target needs to be specific, but if it’s so niche that there’s no breathing room or worse, no profit, it’s okay to broaden your base. The trick is not going too broad and spreading yourself thin. 😉

    I think you’ve already made strides if you already know what traits you want to work with.

    I think the focus with SELF-branding is first and foremost YOU. So I don’t consider it “lazy” to design a logo that reflects who you are and how you work. How you TARGET is self-marketing. The logo is just PART of the brand. Not your entire brand. Remember that. 🙂

  3. Gilda and Lea – Thanks for your thoughtful comments! It’s good to know that I’ve been wasting my time trying to target a market. 😉

    Lea, your distinction between self-branding and self-marketing is a good one. Thanks for that insight!

    Time to move forward, I guess…

  4. I’ve found my clients tend to have similar characteristics or needs even if their industries are varied (though I seem to have a few set areas but that’s due to how my networking has played out at this point). We should talk branding-me too… we’ll see. 🙂 I should unbury myself (uhm never) but work should revert to normal mid-next week. We’ll email. 🙂

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