Monthly Goal Tracker downloads

Monthly goal sheetI cleaned up my monthly goal tracker sheet for public consumption and created a PDF and Word document version. (Read the original post here.)

What’s new:

  • List of goals fills down to the bottom of the sheet.
  • Taller boxes give you more room to write, and also provide more room for marking your mini-milestones above the bubbles
  • “Milestone due” box has been expanded to align with the bubbles for a cleaner layout
  • Update 2:48 pm – Added “Cheering Groundhog” versions of forms.


  • Monthly goal tracker PDF monthlygoaltracker.pdf
    Printable blank grid layout
  • Microsoft Word
    This has the grid layout as a background, with floating text fields over the columns so that you can type in your goals and then print. You’ll have to hand-write your mini-milestone markers (see #3 below) unless you want to add your own tiny text boxes.
  • Cheering Groundhog MGT PDF monthlygoaltracker-ghd.pdf
    Printable blank grid layout
  • Cheering Groundhog for

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License.

How to use it (or, how I envision someone using it):

Click to view larger version in a new window:

Monthly goal sheet example

  1. In the right side, list your long-term (1-5 year) goals.
    • The goals should be measurable: specific numbers, dates, events. Someone should be able to look at your list and say definitively that you have either achieved a goal or you haven’t.
    • It may help to phrase the goals in first-person (“I”), present tense (“make” instead of “will make”), and positively (“doing” something instead of “not doing” something).
  2. Each month, fill out the left side with your monthly milestones.
    • These should be realistic, achievable, and measurable steps towards your long-term goal. (For example — losing 20 lbs. in a month is not realistic nor is it healthy. Losing 4 lbs. — 1 per week — is what’s recommended by health professionals, and is achievable.)
  3. If you find it helpful, you can also jot down some mini-milestones.
    • I’ve put 4 bubbles for mini-milestones (about 1 per week).
    • Some of your monthly milestones may not require mini-milestones — for example, meeting with a travel agent is a one-time event (although if you want to be really detailed, you could make mini-milestones for researching travel agents, scheduling an appointment, and then meeting with them).
    • There is a tiny bit of space above the bubbles if you want to mark the specific mini-milestone increments that you’ve created for yourself.
  4. In my diagram, I forgot to fill out the “due date,” which is the orange box in the top row. Put the next monthly review date there!
  5. As you power through your mini-milestones, you can fill in the bubbles.
  6. When you complete a milestone, or when you are reviewing your goal sheet at the end of the month, give yourself a check, star, or smily-face in the last green box!
  7. The sheet is designed so that it can be trimmed and folded in half to fit into a 5.5″ x 8.5″ organizer. Trim the right side close to the edges of the boxes and the bottom (if necessary). Fold the right side back; there should be enough margin on the left to hole-punch for your organizer. Now your monthly milestones are front-and-center, but you can always flip out the right side for big-picture-reminders.

If you end up using this, I would love to hear how it’s working for you, how you’ve adapted it to your own system, or if you have any suggestions for improvements or variations!

Credits and acknowledgments

  • Although I mentioned this already in my original post, it must be said here that the form concept was heavily inspired by Dave Seah’s Printable CEO stuff. He’s been kind enough to let me know that he doesn’t have a monopoly on cool forms with rounded rectangles. 🙂
  • The idea of a monthly review isn’t a new one, but I’ve been trying out Groundhog Day Resolutions, again from Dave Seah.
  • Steve Pavlina’s The Power of Clarity article was influential in the goal-setting area.
  • Thanks to Doodah for suggesting that I add the cheering groundhog.

8 thoughts on “Monthly Goal Tracker downloads

  1. Do you have a full 8.5 x 11 version of the “monthlygoaltracker” sheet you can send me. the word version so I can type on it.

  2. Thanx so much for this! I printed out a couple sheets! I have lost 25 pounds recently and have hit a platue (however spelt) and felt like I needed something to jump start more weight loss! So i looked up a gols tracker and found this one to be THE BEST! I love the set up!

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