Baby shower notecards

I have insomnia (lack of sleep + caffeine = wired), which means that I am getting a lot done. Tonight (this morning?) I worked more on the baby bee baby shower project by creating a simple notepaper design for my friend to use for thank-you notes. Here’s how they turned out:

Baby shower notecards with envelopes

This time, I purchased a different baby bee stock vector illustration, but used the same daisy shapes I had created last time, scattering them around and behind the bee:

Baby shower notecard design

My Illustrator file had four to a sheet, using the Distort & Transform effect that I first tried out with my calendar layout and have pretty much come to depend on since! The envelopes are about 5.25″ wide by 4″ high, so I made each card about 5″ x 3.75″, which allowed me to have enough space for the color to bleed off the edges. Here’s a screenshot of my Illustrator file; I drew crop marks using the pen tool to make it easier to trim the paper:

Illustrator layout

Honey dipperIn other insomniac endeavors, I also researched possible party favors for the attendees and came across this adorable wooden honey dipper (click thumbnail for larger view). I still have to discuss party favor possibilities with the other baby shower organizers, but I thought it was quite appropriate!


4 thoughts on “Baby shower notecards

  1. Such a wonderful and sweet party favour idea! The cards are quite lovely.. I really need to think through project/needs and wants.. you keep turning out such great stuff & I want to somehow hire you!

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