Tracking today

Back to tracking my time, although I am running off of 2.5 hours of sleep so I’m not so sure that this is a “typical” day to be tracking…

  • 5:30 – 7 — I am very annoyed that I cannot sleep in, even when I have only had 2.5 hours of sleep. Morning stuff went more slowly than usual, and I didn’t exercise.
  • 7-9 — Rather unfocused work; lots of “little” tasks to get through, and I kept getting distracted.
  • 9-10 — Started to hit my rhythm, probably because I was finally focusing on one project.
  • 10-11 — Various phone meetings and phone calls.
  • 11-11:30 — Lunch break, email, reading blogs.
  • 11:30-3:15 — Straight spurt of productivity! Recording training videos and producing videos — time sure flies.
  • 3:15-present — Copied my “books to read” list from moleskine planner into new organizer and added to my list.

I have worked 7.75 hours today and I’m still “ahead” of schedule for harp practice (next). Not exercising or spending hours blogging in the morning (since I took care of that at 3 am) sure moves my day up quickly.

Must move away from the computer, as lack of sleep + computer eye strain is probably not good for me. Hopefully I can stay awake and not take a nap so I can get back into a normal sleep schedule!


2 thoughts on “Tracking today

  1. hope that it wasn’t my fault that you were copying your books to read list? 😉 also are we running in a parallel universe whereas yesterday I hadn’t much sleep either? I hope your sleep schedule is getting back. Mine is still out of whack.

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