Surprisingly, a better week.

Despite the fact that I practically stopped eating vegetables and got 2.5 hours of sleep on one night, I’m wrapping up this week (figuratively speaking; I still have a good four hours of work left in me) with a much better overall feeling.

Things I am happy about:

  • One thing about insomnia — I get a lot done! I got a lot of those personal project/obligation type things done that had been niggling away in my brain’s back burner on the night I couldn’t sleep. I also drafted several “emergency” blogs to post on days when I’m tired, uninspired, or freakishly busy. I think this freed me up to focus on everything else.
  • Three days of using the Emergent Task Timer helped me to see that yes, I was actually working and getting things done. A nice feeling.
  • Projects: Big Project #1 has finally wrapped up; a slight holdup that was a bit frustrating at the beginning of the week, but I feel that I came through strong and that everyone involved was happy. Big Project #2 is making good progress.
  • Outside of billable stuff, I also spent time working on my branding stuff and also worked on a new side business I’m trying to start (must draft blog about this later). I got to read and learn and try out DOM scripting, which was fun.
  • For the first time, I filled in all the bubbles on my daily calendar sheet for proper food eaten and all routines checked off. I was shooting for success one day a week but that seems ambitious now.
  • I blogged a lot.
  • Harp lesson on Tuesday – I played poorly, but was happy that my teacher and I made a plan for what specific exercises to work on. Didn’t practice at all on Wednesday, but finally practiced for almost an hour on Thursday!
  • I ran 15 and 18 minutes in a row this week.

The only thing that I am unhappy about is that I way underestimated the amount of time it would take for the first design phase of a new client project I took on. I hate to disappoint when it comes to meeting timelines.

Things to think about for next week:

  •  My daily schedule is a pretty solid ideal to shoot for on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Tuesdays and Thursdays, when Steve has class and we start the day a little later, is something I still need to work out.
  • I never did process my client roadbumps in a blog. Maybe I will, maybe I won’t. But I do need to at least think about how to help the project move along more quickly.
  • I have found that I have very poor self-discipline when it comes to only blogging for a set period of time. Once I start, I want to finish! Maybe just for ONE week, I will try sticking to a set period of time and see how it goes.
  • Stay the course… my ideal schedule, routines, etc., will only “work” if I make them work and try to stick to them.

Have a great weekend!


2 thoughts on “Surprisingly, a better week.

  1. My guess is that you’re a right-brained person and you like to work project style, so it’s much easier for you to blog until you’ve finished!
    How hard are you needing to work at all the things you’re trying want to put into a routine?
    How easy is it to get bored with routine or frustrated that you have to put down a work item?
    A suggestion (if you consider you haven’t done so already): make a project of each of the items you’re trying to put into a routine.
    For example
    1. you might have done this already for your harp practice, because you said you wrote a plan. Try defining a mini project, for a month say. What can you achieve in month? Then check each practice session where you are, against your plan.
    2. you are close on your food/eating routing because you’re having to adjust your goal of one day a week. Try defining when you want to achieve one day a week, and then review where you are each week. How close did you come? What little changes do you need for one day a week?
    3. Blogging: what are you trying to achieve by when?

    These are only subtle changes in thinking, yet allow your creativity to be used to meet challenges, rather than being only concerned about keeping to a (boring?) routine.

  2. Great tips, Shirley! I don’t know if I get “bored” of routines … although maybe I haven’t followed them consistently to get bored of them yet! I think I do tend to be project oriented so your ideas to create “projects” out of my routine might work very well. I’ll think about how to implement this and may post updates later on.

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