Reading lists

I love to read. If I could, I would read all day long. Since I can’t, I limit my reading to:

  • when I’m eating by myself
  • when I’m in the bathroom
  • when I’m waiting in line
  • when the husband is doing something else (I usually get a lot reading done during March Madness)

There are some weekends when I will give in and read all weekend long.

I own a lot of books, but I borrow even more from the library. The books I own tend to be books that I could read over and over again — and often have.

Books and authors that I will never get tired of:

  • Anything by Lois McMaster Bujold (Vorkosigan series, especially)
  • Almost anything by Orson Scott Card (Ender’s Game, etc. Not so into the “Homecoming” series.)
  • The “Little House” books by Laura Ingalls Wilder
  • Anything by L.M. Montgomery (Anne of Green Gables and the like)
  • Anything by Robin McKinley (Beauty, Sunshine, and more)
  • Anything by Frances Hodgson Burnett (A Little Princess, The Secret Garden)
  • Anything by J.K. Rowling (Harry Potter…)
  • Christy by Catherine Marshall
  • Almost anything by Madeliene L’Engle (I like all her fiction, like her poetry, and most of her non-fiction.)
  • Anything by Edward Eager
  • Anything by Jane Austen, especially Pride and Prejudice
  • Anything by Agatha Christie
  • Anything by C. S. Lewis
  • Anything by Philip Yancey
  • The Thief, Queen of Attolia, and King of Attolia by Megan Whalen Turner

The books I borrow from the library tend to come in spurts of authors. I find an author that I like, and then I check out every book that I can. Recent authors (like within the past few years) that I’ve really enjoyed are:

  • Kate Wilhelm (very prolific author – mysteries, science fiction, fantasy. I like her Barbara Holloway mysteries.)
  • P. G. Wodehouse (still working through them)
  • Michael Connelly (cop mysteries, mostly)
  • Alexander McCall Smith (his books make me smile)
  • Jon Katz (any of his dog books; actually I could move A Dog Year to the list above)

It may be telling as well to list the books and authors I used to like, but don’t as much anymore:

  • David Eddings – I really liked the first couple of series he wrote, but the rest all seemed to be the same. I’ll still read The Belgariad just for old time’s sake.
  • Anne McCaffrey – The Dragonsinger trilogy is still one of my all-time favorites, but I got bored with the rest of her books.
  • Harry Turtledove – I found the first book of “alternate history” really interesting and so checked out all the other books that I could find from him, but got bored and disappointed.
  • Lawrence Block – I still enjoy his Burglar who… books, but then tried reading some of his other crime novels (All the Flowers are Dying, I think?) and it was a bit too disturbing for me. I don’t even remember exactly what was disturbing, but I was extremely tense and couldn’t sleep.

I depend on reviews from authors that I already enjoy (who also happen to have web sites) to find new books to read. I tend to like fiction with closure (perhaps why I’m fond of mysteries). I’m not smart enough to appreciate a lot of literature; for example, after reading one of the many “best seller fiction” books, I wonder what the fuss was about. But I’m usually game to read anything that a friend recommends.

I usually browse the “new” section of non-fiction books while I’m at the library as well. The new fiction books are too overwhelming for me to look through. I seem to gravitate towards food (How to Read a French Fry by Russ Parsons) and animals, although glossy craft and home-related books will catch my eye as well.

I have a page in my organizer with various books that I intend to read someday. Most of them are not in our library system, but I keep my hopes up. I’m inspired by Penguin Girl’s book lists and may do a low-tech version in my sidebar someday.

Anyway, I just finished my small stack of library books yesterday during jury duty (I wasn’t called and went home after five hours of sitting in the only squeaky chair in the room). Any recommendations for my next library trip?


6 thoughts on “Reading lists

  1. πŸ™‚ You and I have a lot of authors in common in the “read over and over” list. Getting set to re-read the Potters in anticipation of the final book this summer.

    This past year, I have enjoyed the Jasper Fforde books, but beware, they are quite mind-bendy! I can’t even begin to explain them in a comment.

  2. His original series that spawned the Nursery Crime ones is the Thursday Next series – those are the ones that are mind-bendy. But by the third book, you’re totally into his crazy world.

  3. aww.. thanks for the link. the sidebar is a wordpress plugin. πŸ™‚ [nb i recently added page counts so eventually i’ll be able to see how many pages i’ve read. πŸ™‚ ]

    i am still waiting for the Belgariad from the library. i drive my husband batty with the fact that my nose is always in a book and my hands are almost always knitting.

    we have many of the same authors (i could read the secret garden *every day*) and you have a few new-to-me. one more week of class and i’ll go crazy at the library!

    i have a book on braille because i want to learn it .. just in case .. audio books are ok but i want to read and imagine the voices in my own imagination.

    oh and i have bad luck with any book even short listed for a booker prize. i hope it doesn’t extend to the international man booker prize. there are some authors there who i’ve wanted to read for eons. time will tell.

  4. Penny – You really did comment, but it got sent to spam so I didn’t see it until today! Since I’m hosting on I don’t think I get to play with fun plugins… (or do I?) so I’ll need to think of a different way to track it here.

    A book on braille “just in case”… you lose your vision? That sounds very far-sighted of you. πŸ™‚

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