One week on. One week off. My life story.

Don’t be fooled by the title into thinking that this is some tell-all revelation of my life — this is a weekly update post. If for some reason you are interested, read on!

I fell off the routines wagon again this week (after a stellar attempt last week). Of course, I have some excuses!

  • Allergies + wind = no running.
    I didn’t exercise AT ALL this whole week. It’s been very windy, so lots of dust and pollen in the air, and despite copious applications of over-the-counter allergy medicines, my allergies have not been cooperating. I’ve cowered in my home like a coward, unwilling to even brave the wind to venture over to our apartment complex’s exercise room. Okay, or maybe I was just lazy.
  • Jury duty call = behind.
    I was called in for jury duty on Monday and spent four or five hours sitting in a courtroom. No electronic devices allowed to be on while the court was in session. While I did manage to still educate myself by finishing off DOM Scripting, I only got half an hour of work done during the lunch break. I’ve noticed that when I’m behind, I tend to drop my routines, thinking that “I don’t have time.”
  • Sad news (V. Tech) = distracted by news.
    I usually don’t follow the news and I was away from the online world for most of Monday, so it wasn’t until Tuesday that I caught a few tweets from Twitter about the Virginia Tech stuff. But I have to admit that for the rest of the week I’ve been reading lots of news articles, blogs, etc. about it. So sad.
  • Mom who spoils us with food + weekend hedonism = more eating out and food tracker unmotivation.
    We spent the weekend with my mom, who took us out to eat three times in two days. I stuffed myself. Coming back home to real life, I didn’t feel like cooking. So, Sunday night, we went out to eat again. Monday, I had fast food for lunch (during jury duty). Monday night, I still didn’t feel like cooking, so we went back out to the same fast food place. Tuesday, I finally pulled it together to make a dish for our weekly small group, and now I seem back into the cooking groove (yummy Indian food on Wednesday, salmon and veggies last night). But I completely stopped weighing myself in the mornings OR tracking my “food pyramid” foods. No wonder I find myself eating whole packages of Ritz crackers at a time instead of eating a real lunch.

Okay — from this moment, I’m starting afresh!! Except for the food tracking thing. That can start tomorrow. Or, er, Sunday, since the baby shower is tomorrow and I will be eating finger foods only for lunch.

I’m feeling strangely unstressed and positive this week, however.

  • I’ve been successfully chugging away at getting things done, both for Big Project #2, client work, and other miscellaneous work-related things. Big Project #2 is going much better than I thought it would, and I’m having fun with it.
  • I’ve been able to practice harp consistently 6 out of the past 7 days and have noticed improvement. I also inspired myself by looking up harp videos on Youtube.
  • I still blogged a lot. (Since I was off my routines, this was not my week for experimenting with a one-hour limit for blogging. Maybe next week!)
  • I’ve been having fun with the baby shower planning.
  • Steve and I have spent quality time together this week, if a little skimpy on quantity.

So, it does not always follow that you can be happy only by following routines.

But, life does run a bit more smoothly (and I eat more healthily) when I’m at least trying to follow my routines. Here’s to a better weekend and week!


2 thoughts on “One week on. One week off. My life story.

  1. How do you do the quality time with your spouse? E and I are struggling with this one. I bet it’ll be easier after next week when my classes end and we’re both conscious and in the same room for more than 15 minutes a day.

    Hope your weekend is going well and that next week is a routine and happy one for all of us. 🙂

  2. Penny — I mainly only have “work” to worry about, not work AND school. 🙂 So I try to keep most of my evenings free! I have no idea how I would do it if I were a student… not too much helpful advice coming from this quarter!

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