Why I love thrift stores

One fun Saturday tradition that I have is to go out on my bike and go to the library, the video store, and one or two thrift stores. (Thanks to the power of Gmaps Pedometer, I now know that the total round trip mileage is 5.7 miles.) If Steve is with me, we’ll sometimes stop off at Dairy Queen (he gets a dipped cone, I get fries) on the way home.

We have three thrift stores in town, two of which are on the Saturday route. One is really a consignment shop but we still call it a thrift store. The prices are a little heftier but you can on occasion find thrift-store deals. The other is a thrift store run by the SPCA. We still haven’t been to the third one, which is fairly new. We usually walk out without buying anything, but it’s still fun to look.

The coolest things we’ve scored:

  • Most recently, a 12-piece set of Cost Plus World Market Coupe dinnerware deep salad plates, perfect for the rice+meat+sauce meals that I often make. We have an eclectic “set” of white dinnerware inherited from one of Steve’s college roommates (10 dinner plates, 6 salad plates, and 4 bowls) plus other assorted bowls, so the white matches perfectly. The plates retail for $3; we got them for $1 each. They were in perfect condition.
  • Two stadium/sport/bleacher seats — the kind made of padded polyester (or nylon?) with clips on the side so that you can lean back, but that fold in half for easy carrying. The ones we’ve seen are usually $25-$50. Ours were $7 each; not matching, but they are perfect for baseball games, camping, and picnics!
  • Jeans in my size. I have asian legs, which means I always have to buy ankle-length pants and jeans or else I’m tripping over the hems. Last year, it appeared that someone exactly my size was giving away all their clothes, and I got some nice Gap jeans, in great condition, for about $3-$4. (Compare this to the $50 I would have to spend retail!)
  • Brand-new kazoos at the consignment shop (sealed in the box). The same kazoos at the trendy children’s store down the street were selling for $2.50 each; they were $1.25 here. We got one for ourselves and more for all our nieces and nephews. Christmas was coming up.
  • Almost-new “Deluxe Open Mesh Manager’s Chair” for $12 (I think it was $50 or $100 at Office Max when I checked). As far as we could tell, the only thing wrong with it was that the zipper at the top of the chair had its tip broken off. (I’ve since learned that it’s still ergonomically incorrect because the chair is too deep for me, and the backs of my knees touch the edge of the seat when I’m sitting properly.)

It’s unlikely that we’ll visit any thrift stores today; I’ll be throwing a baby shower for most of the day and will most likely be taking a fat nap afterwards. I got up this morning at 5 from adrenaline.

But because it was Easter a few weeks ago, here’s one more thing that Steve got as a “present” for me with after a trip to the thrift store…

Easter socks

Yes, that’s right. Easter socks with baby chicks dressed in bunny suits. And a chick head sewn on the back.

I will also add that when he bought these, it was nowhere near Easter. It was in the middle of summer.


3 thoughts on “Why I love thrift stores

  1. those are fun socks! i love thrift stores too… i find nice things in them… great bags that sell for $80+ are $5, a nice sweater for $3… 🙂

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