Baby shower paraphernalia

At last – all the “stuff” related to the baby shower project with photos!

First, here is the basket of favors that I put together with white napkins cradling the favors and artificial daisies for accents.

Basket of favors

Next — all the “stuff.” Below shows the various paper-things I designed. Starting from the top and going clockwise — invitation envelope (with cover sheet) and map, extra note, honey sticks holder, invitation, and thank-you note sheet. Unfortunately I forgot to adjust my camera settings so the depth of field is really small; I think only the bottom part of the honey sticks is in focus!

Paper Stuff.

Next — the revealing of the last thing that I put together. I made a shadow box with baby bee “placeholder” for our small group’s group gift. Here is all the “stuff” I made for the baby shower in my ghetto photo studio*.

Baby shower Stuff

Slightly closer view of the shadow box — I found the elephant and frog at Target, as well as the mini-picture frame. The bug was attached to the toe of an infant sock (it rattles, and a puffy stuffed star was on the other sock); I bought the socks and cut off the bug to go with the “baby June-bug” theme. Artificial daisies completed the look. The idea is that when they have a good picture of their baby, I’ll “install” it in place of the baby bee and write the name in fancy writing.

Shadow box closeup

Finally, the decor. Liz found gold napkins that matched the golden yellow gerbera daisies (the photo doesn’t do it justice; in real life they were exactly the same shade) and we had an assortment of white-and-yellow foods (mostly) on white serving plates with lemons scattered about. White-and-yellow foods included:

  • pita chips with hummus and yogurt dip (also used w/ fresh veggies)
  • taquitos with sour cream
  • white and yellow butter mints
  • egg salad and “ribbon” sandwiches (not shown)
  • cream puffs
  • egg casseroles
  • lemonade
  • iced tea with lemon slices


We had way too much food; otherwise, the party was a success!

*My ghetto photo studio: I have a black Ikea  Jerker desk with a top shelf ; I hung a rather crinkled piece of cloth from the top shelf (wedged in true “play fort” fashion under the stuff on my shelf) to hide my laptop/keyboard and put everything else on the desk in front of the cloth. The bright highlight that you can see inside the handle of the basket is actually light shining through our window behind the cloth; doh! It was only going to get worse so I hurriedly snapped a few pictures while I could. One of these days I’ll learn how to be a proper photographer.

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