More logo ideas

The Tuesdays when I go out to my harp lesson and then hang out in a coffee shop (waiting for my husband to get off work so we can drive home together) seem to be turning into a personal development day where I do a tiny bit of offline work but then do lots of personal projects. Yesterday ended up being a logo sketch day. Let’s see what I got…

I wanted to try to go in a completely different direction from last time, so I flipped to a whole new blank page of my sketchbook and wrote down my initials. I noticed that “c” turned sideways could be the hump of a lowercase “h.” I started playing with that idea and with negative shapes.

Logo sketches

The darker one in the middle reminded me of a sideways smiley face (errr… made out of children’s blocks?) and so I tried another one with an uppercase “H” next to it for square “eyes,” then turned it sideways and started drawing eyeballs in the squares, which you can see in the bottom right of the above scan.

This made me think of an animated sequence idea…

Logo sketches

Before I get too far, here are some of the Illustrator concepts that came out of that batch:

I like the shapes in this one. Nice and curvy while still strong.

Logo sketches

And a somewhat cheesy “animated sequence” storyboard (the starburst is, of course, representative of my super-powers coming into play; also, I’d want to find a “square” font for the “B” in “Before Corrie/BC”):

Logo sketches

A few more [rejected] sketches that came out of the “negative letter shapes in a box.” The curve of the “c” shape reminded me of an anchor. Maybe there’s something there, but I wasn’t really feeling where this was going. Plus there is nothing really nautical about me*, nor am I a super-flexible gymnast.

Logo sketches

One more set of sketches went back to the “c” = “sideways hump of ‘h'” thing. Since I was already thinking about animated sequences, I imagined an “h” standing alone and a “c” sliding and rotating out of it. Then I noticed that an “h” could also be an upside-down “y,” and tried playing with that as well. The sketch from my sketchbook is followed by an Illustrator-ized concept as well. Maybe I should start a new business called “chy design,” pronounced “shy,” which might be appropriate since I am sometimes “shy.” Or maybe that would just be a lot cooler for someone I know (a friend of a friend) whose name is “Chyenne.”

In any case, here are the sketches:

Logo skethces



The Illustrator version is very rough; I would probably shorten the stem of the “h” and “y”, clean up the shapes, and look for other possible fonts to use, if I liked it enough to play with it more. (And I don’t think I will really start a business called “chy design.”)

Out of the ones on this page, I guess I like the top negative-space concepts better. I managed to get away from the casual smiley-face and overused-light-bulbs for this round. But when comparing my first batch and second batch of sketches, I still like the smiley-faces better from the first batch. They seem more “me.”

I dunno. What do you smart people think? (Methinks it’s going to be another round of sketches in about two weeks.)

*”There is nothing really nautical about me.” I’m sure I could stretch and come up with something, of course. I’m solid! I’m dependable! I can be thrown overboard!



9 thoughts on “More logo ideas

  1. I agree with Penny, you’re an excellent communicator of process. Always so interesting!
    Do I detect a leaning towards anchor? In NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), anchoring is ‘how a stimulus becomes a trigger that is associated with a particular response or emotional state’. (Got that from Coaching with NLP by O’Connor and Lages but any NLP book will explain it)
    Designers being a trigger associated with a particular response or emotion sounds rather appropriate to me!
    All the best in your search; what’s wrong with doing more sketches in 2 weeks?

  2. Thanks for your comments, Shirley! I’m actually leaning away from the “anchor” idea although your comment along those lines was interesting.

    Re. 2 more weeks… I guess I am just ready to have a great brand/identity/logo and be done with it! 🙂

  3. None of the logos really grab me, maybe because I have gotten tired of letters-as-logo, but am hard put to think of what might replace them. They’re NICE logotype treatments, though…just think there’s something more for CH.

    Something that popped into my head is maybe those nautical symbol flags. The colors and cheery quality of them might work. Is there a C and an H flag? Maybe you could spell out something fun, and introduce a breezy swingy quality.

    I should think of my own brand too. What would look awesome on a box? Hmm!

  4. Hi Corrie,
    I found your blog from Dave Seah.

    I really like seeing your process above.
    YESes: I like the font you use “for corrie,” I like the smiley face idea and animation into the CH – that’s really fun.
    NOT-SO-MUCHes: the BC idea didn’t grab me – it’s like putting in a new thing into the mix, the chy actually looks cool falling apart like that, but you’re right: you’re prob not going to do a CHY design.

    Thanks for sharing all this!

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