Untracked week

Most of this week has been poured into my current Big Project. My schedule has been a little bit off in that I’ve been working a little later to put more time in the Big Project, but so far nothing else has suffered. I’ve been getting to practice harp consistently, have been cooking tasty and healthy meals, even went running once, but have not really been keeping track of anything after Tuesday. So much for my cute tracker sheets! (Monday was a great day for my tracker sheet – I almost filled out all my bubbles!)

While I don’t feel stressed right now, I’ve certainly been going on full-speed. This weekend was pretty hectic what with the baby shower and all, and my Sunday, while restful, wasn’t long enough for me to fully recover. I’m hoping to take tomorrow and Sunday to catch up on life and sleep, think about priorities… and maybe work on some personal projects that I have going on. The rest of today is going to be working on finishing off any client project debt that accumulated this week, harp practice, and dinner.


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