Harp audio!

Okay — I don’t have a “real” microphone so I jury-rigged my Plantronics headset to hang very near my harp and recorded myself playing last night as a practice baseline. It will be fun to record myself in a month or so and see how much I’ve improved. I forgot that Windows had a built-in recorder, so I used Camtasia Recorder to capture the sound (and my boring screen) and then saved the audio as an .mp3.

From my harp practice log:

My first recordings of harp-playing!

Andiam, Mio Tesoro (anonymous), an Italian song from the 16th century – Just a few mistakes. 🙂
2007-05-04-andiam.mp3 (1.26 mb)

Tambourin by Louis Claude Daquin (1694-1772) – Still working on those “hard fast” parts. Sometimes I hit them on the first try, but not during this recording! I’m also playing this about 24 beats too slowly.
2007-05-04-tambourin.mp3 (1.26 mb)


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