May Review for Groundhog Day Resolutions

Cheering groundhogToday is Groundhog Day Resolution review day! How are you doing?

I have a rather ambitious list of GDRs — 15 “active goals” + 4 “inactive” — although I specifically choose to only target 7-10 for “action” each month with monthly milestones.

Here’s how they break down:

  • 3 goals are health/body-related:
    • goal weight to maintain
    • exercise goal
    • nutrition goal
  • 4 goals are work-related:
    • develop a brand for “me”
    • learn specific new skills
    • develop alternative revenue streams (aka start a new side business)
    • learn to build my own computer (that one is an “inactive” goal)
  • 3 goals are personal/hobby-related:
    • have established routines
    • buy a house (inactive – no plan yet)
    • have a stained glass studio in my house (inactive – requires a house)
  • 9 goals are character/social-related — some examples are becoming more comfortable at small talk and being a joyful person.

Of my 19 goals, I had 11 specific goals that I targeted with milestones this month. How did I do?

  • Health/body:
    • How I did: My three exercise/health goals had 2 out of 12 mini-milestones checked off. Eep! I got up to 15 minutes of running and then slacked off, then got sick.
    • Next month: I’m going to take the “just do it” principle for this next month. My mini-milestones aren’t unrealistic, I think, I just need to do them!
  • Work-related goals went much better.
    • Branding goal:
      • How I did: My branding milestone was time-related — to spend 40 minutes thinking about my brand/logo. I think I ended up spending about 3 hours, and even read a book about branding.
      • Next month: I’m going to dedicate at least 1 hour to thinking more about this.
    • Work skill goal:
      • How I did: Another one of my main milestones for the month was to go through a DOM scripting book and apply the new knowledge to a site I’m developing for New Side Business, which I did.
      • Next month: I’m choosing to take a break on this one next month.
    • Small business goal:
      • How I did: My final small-business-related mini-milestones were mostly checked off. But the main milestone, which involved registering a new business name, didn’t happen. I kept procrastinating and slacking and avoiding entering the bowels of city hall.
      • Next month: Dave Seah had a great insight for how to attack new “project-like” goals by scheduling in specific time to accomplish the milestone after 7-12 days, so I’m going to try that out for this next month.
  • Routines:
    • How I did: My routine milestone was to fill out all the bubbles on my tracking form at least 1 time a week. That happened exactly once last month.
    • Next month: Shirley suggested in a comment that I pick a specific day to try to target this goal, so I’ve adjusted my milestone this next time to target Wednesdays.
  • Character/social:
    • How I did: Of my other four milestones, all but one were met.
    • Next month: I made a new plan for that fourth milestone.

If you’re curious about how I set and work on “character goals,” I’ve used Steve Pavlina’s suggestions on setting subjective goals by assigning a numerical value to them. So, for example, the specific goal “I am a joyful person” has been quantified to mean that I would like to be at least an 8/10 in being “joyful,” while I would consider myself as starting out at about a 5/10. (Now, that probably doesn’t mean much to you, but I know what those numbers mean for me, and that’s what counts, right?) As for how I would “become more joyful,” my current action item is to write down five things that I am truly grateful for every day. Research has shown that this has a positive effect on one’s attitude. I haven’t thought very carefully about what other action items I might want to incorporate in the future; perhaps they would involve targeting moments when I don’t feel joyful and analyzing them in my journal (spending x amount of time per week, say).

Anyway, I don’t take it too hard that most of my milestones weren’t checked off. Even the slight progress I’ve made by having set those milestones and achieving some of them is encouraging!


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