Loving Web 2.0

I was trying to find a [relatively] easy way to add a Flash audio player and went through a bunny trail of links before coming together with a semi-hacked web 2.0 solution.

I was trying to see if I could:

  • host the audio clip for free, at least initially
  • use a Flash-based player that would work in WordPress.com

Here is the end result:


How does it work for you…? For some reason it’s working fine in FireFox but is having problems loading in IE for me.

Anyway, as for how I got here…

First, I searched for “youtube for audio” and came up with lots of results.

I saw some announcements for audioo.com, “coming in May 2007.” I’ll check back later.

I was then excited to find a WordPress.com-compatible player from Odeo mentioned here. When I initially went to Odeo’s site and signed up for an account, though, I couldn’t find a way to upload my own files. Their help file suggested Libsyn or Switchpod, but those seemed more like “podcast” services.

Another search result discussing Houndbite pointed me to Evoca, which seems to be a service that allows you to record audio and upload/host. They give you “60 minutes free,” but I’m not sure if that means 60 minutes of recording only, as then it seems like uploading is unlimited. Anyway, I gave it a shot and then tried out their “post to blogger” function, which automatically creates a Blogger.com post with the player embedded in the post (see result here). Unfortunately, I found that I couldn’t do anything else with the post as far as adding more content to the post itself.

But Evoca does publish an RSS feed for you, so I tried adding that as a feed to Odeo, and then was able to add the Odeo player to the WordPress blog. Success! Not only that, Odeo also has a way to post to Blogger as well with the ability to add some explanatory text (see result here).

I also found that by logging into studio.odeo.com, Odeo allows you to use their player for linking to an externally hosted audio clip, so that’s one more way that I could use their player on a site without the “free hosting” from Evoca, should things not work out in that quarter. (I was having some trouble getting it to play for me, though; will have to fiddle more with it.) Some delving into the help section also showed me that they used to allow file uploads but have since disabled that for new users. Bummer.

I also tried out Vudyo but ultimately abandoned it because I couldn’t embed the player into WordPress.com. The other players are much prettier, as well. 🙂

Well, the jury’s still out on what a “final” solution will be for me. I’m not intending to post many audio clips; right now it’s an excuse to register at many different web sites. I wonder if I am taking advantage of Evoca’s services right now by not using their recording feature. And which of these services will stay around for the long run?

If you have any tips and advice, please leave a comment!


3 thoughts on “Loving Web 2.0

  1. No tips or advice… but wanted to let you know the audio player loaded and played fine on IE7 over here (from “your IE7 tester”).

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