Wednesday routines focus

One of my goals this month (starting 5/5) is to fill out all the routine bubbles and my fruit-and-veggie-serving bubbles on my daily tracking sheet every Wednesday. So today is my first attempt!

Here is how I’m doing so far:

  • morning
    • exercise
    • shower
    • brush hair
    • brush teeth
    • dress
    • devotions
    • dishwasher
    • breakfast
    • vitamin (lunch is coming up soon, I’ll take it then!)
    • menu plan
  • day
    • blog
    • goals (I can fill in this bubble when I’m actively working on one of my monthly goals; for today, that’s blogging about my intention to fill out all my bubbles today)
    • harp (I have this scheduled in)
  • work
    • check calendar
    • “shine” desk (that’s Flylady terminology for cleaning up the desk at the end of the workday)
  • night
    • shine sink (Flylady technique – empty the sink and wipe it down daily, and you’ll be more motivated to keep the rest of the kitchen clean)
    • hot spot (more Flylady terminology for cleaning for 10 minutes in the worst part of your house)
    • exercise (situps/pushups)
    • lay out clothes for tomorrow
  • fruits:
    • 1/3 servings
    • Plan: eat an orange, which should be 2 servings in and of itself
  • veggies:
    • 0/5 servings
    • Plan: broccoli soup for lunch (2 servings), sliced cucumber for snack (1 serving), mushroom-and-barley soup and vegetable-heavy pasta for dinner (2 servings)

On typical days so far, I’ve been getting through most of my routines except for the “night” ones, and I haven’t been getting my fruit/veggie quota. Wednesdays are my day of choice because it’s in the middle of the week (less surprises than weekends) and we have no evening commitments (higher chance of getting “night” stuff done). I’m hoping that by “jump starting” my routines every Wednesday, I’ll have a higher chance of continuing them the rest of the week.

I’ll try to remember to post an update this evening.

10:19 pm



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