Baby shower planning

Time to plan another baby shower.

With any event, there are some key things to lock down:

  • Budget – for the last baby shower, we ended up spending about $200 for food, gifts/favors, and invitations (stock illustrations); I still need to talk with the other women to see if we want to set a “budget” for this one
  • Date/time – End of June
  • Location – I need to contact some people about this still
  • “Program” – we’ll stick with a general baby shower program: a few games, lunch, and opening presents
  • Hospitality – in this case, food, decor, and favors
  • “Marketing” – in this case, invitations
  • Team – Six of us threw the last baby shower. Now we’re throwing a shower for one of the previous organizers, and the mother-to-be from the first shower is joining the organizing team — a nice little switch. Roles are going to stay the same — I’m in charge of location, invitations, favors, and general organization and administration; the others are in charge of decor, food (coordinating; we all contributed by making/bringing food), photography, games, and game prizes/group gift.

Planning schedule:

  • By end of May:
    • Mother-to-be needs to register for gifts and pull together invitation list
    • Contact people to see if they would be willing to host the party at their house and pin down a location
    • Decide on theme, colors, and generate some decor ideas
    • Design invitations and send them out
  • By mid-June:
    • Decide on group gift
    • Decide on food and who is bringing what
    • Help games organizer to brainstorm games
    • Gather any items needed for decor
    • Decide what to do for favors
    • Keep track of RSVPs
  • By end of June:
    • Have gifts purchased for game prizes
    • Have baby shower favors ready to go
    • Have miscellaneous materials ready for games
    • Have final guest count
    • Have plans to make/bring food
    • Decide on order of events
    • Have plans for cups, plates, utensils, serving dishes, etc.
  • Morning of:
    • Prep food
    • Set up at location
    • Designate area for putting gifts

A baby shower is a relatively small and uncomplicated event. Since I just helped to organize one not very long ago, the lessons learned are still fresh in my mind:

  • Come up with more “get to know you” games. There will be a mix of people who don’t know each other, so we’ll want to facilitate activities that promote getting to know people/being friendly/chatting.
  • We went way overboard on the amount of food. This time, I’ll want us to coordinate a little better with amounts.
  • I’m setting up a “project site” in Basecamp for us to better communicate and coordinate, since there are six of us throwing the party together.

Any other tips or advice you’d like to share?


2 thoughts on “Baby shower planning

  1. Wow – you are a serious baby shower planner! I’m going to have to bookmark this site for future planning!

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