Rockin’ My Goals

I’m posting an “early” week update (I still have all of today before the work week ends) to say that this has been a great week for my goals.

  • Running: Checked off the 15-min and 20-min milestones on my Monthly Goal Tracker worksheet.
  • Fruits/veggies: I had a goal to eat all my servings of fruits/veggies four times this month. This week I did it twice! Amazing (says she who used to eat 0 servings of veggies on some days).
  • Branding: I spent over an hour working on more logo sketches and thinking more about my “brand.”
  • New business: I scheduled some time into this past week to go downtown and file for a business license, which I did! I have two more milestones with my new business stuff to get through; I did run into a snag with confusing sales tax stuff. Time to pull out my resources on doing business in California again.
  • Routines: Filled out all my bubbles on Wednesday again this week, and definitely have more bubbles filled out day-to-day than I used to. For some reason I keep forgetting to take my vitamin when I eat breakfast.

As far as work goes, I’m pleased with my productivity level, although I’m definitely at max capacity right now and probably will be for another two weeks or so. I have a lot of email debt, and unfortunately will not be able to “catch up” this weekend as we are going to a wedding and visiting my mom. I’m hoping I can update our budget sometime tonight or tomorrow in between wedding and family commitments, clean the house up on Sunday when we’re back home, and be ready to get back into my routines on Monday!


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