T-shirt Design Ideas

I’m working on a t-shirt design idea for my church’s annual Labor Day weekend campout.

I threw together two rough ideas yesterday:

T-shirt design ideas

The organizer(s) liked the second one better. I then worked on tweaking the design a bit more. Veerle’s recent tutorial on making cool abstract shapes using Transform Again in Illustrator came in handy. The circular shapes were perfect for representing sound waves as well as providing some depth to the design.

T-shirt design tweak

Now – which font to use? Here are four possibilities:

T-shirt design font choices

I’m thinking either #2 or #3. What do you think?

I’m also still not completely happy with the mountain and person (okay, I did whip out those shapes in about five seconds) so I’ll be playing with those a little more this weekend.

5 thoughts on “T-shirt Design Ideas

  1. Out of the two original options I would have selected the second one because I think it is more eye catching. In terms of font I would select 1 or 3 because I think they are easier to read. However I’m an environmentalist and not a designer!

  2. It looks like we’re going with three, although I did get a comment from Those In Charge that they didn’t like the circles treatment. 😦 May have to go back to the drawing board on that one.

  3. this is probably long gone, but maybe just the circles between the words (like a rainbow and it circles around… i thing that around the person adds “busy-ness”

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