Baby carriage baby shower invitation

I finished up the baby shower invitations:
Baby shower invitation

I purchased a vector illustration from istockphoto of baby carriages. Here’s what the original artwork looked like:

Istockphoto image

Based on this graphic, we liked the bottom left blue/teal/lime color scheme. Liz, Queen of Decor, said that she had some napkins with a similar color scheme and brought one to show me. The colors were a little brighter, so I opened the file up in Illustrator and recolored all the graphics to use a deeper blue, teal, and green. One of the baby carriages was used as an additional element in the invitation wording page:

Baby shower invitation

We were inspired by the mix of “vintage” imagery with “modern” colors. I used Bickham Script for the script font and Bauhaus Light for the rest. For the baby shower itself, we’re tracking down all the blue glassware we can find, combined with simple white serving dishes, and one of the organizers supposedly has a vintage-y white tablecloth that we can use.

The invitations are actually on one piece of cardstock, so there is a front (carriages) and back (wording) side. I happened to already have a pack of blue/teal cardstock on hand, and used different colors of cardstock for the invitations. They look quite pretty when “randomly” arranged together.

Baby shower invitation


6 thoughts on “Baby carriage baby shower invitation

  1. Just wondering if theres any way that you are selling invitations. We have a baby shower coming up and its a perfect invitation for baby boy. thanks

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