Weekend fun: Cake Concert

My husband surprised me with an overnight trip to Reno to watch Cake at the Nugget casino. It was a smallish venue, and we got in line early and ended up standing four feet away from the stage with just one row of people in front of us. It was awesome!

Cake’s music is fun and funky (their Myspace page calls it “countrified funk”), and they’re from Sacramento so we’re especially fond of them.

Some photos from the concert after the jump…

Lead singer, John McCrea:

Cake lead singer John McCrea

Cake lead singer John McCrea

The crowd went wild anytime he played the vibraslap (it’s what makes that cool rattling noise in many of their songs):

Playing the vibraslap

Most of the band:

Most of the Cake band

If anyone knows what instrument (or toy?) this is, please let me know! This is Vincent DiFiore, who does keys, trumpet, percussion, and other general weird instruments:

Vincent DiFiore

We were standing right in front of Xan McCurdy, who has super-fast fingers:

Xan McCurdy


5 thoughts on “Weekend fun: Cake Concert

  1. Woah, cool! I just drove by the billboard this morning and was thinking what a fun show that must have been. Thanks for the pix. I have no idea what that tiny keyboard is.

    But the real question is, how do you afford your Rock and Roll Lifestyle?

  2. Cake! WOW! I love that band! I’m definitely going to see them the next time they’re in Sacramento. I love their album designs too.

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