Week update

  • Work: Last week I finished up the bulk of my Huge Project. This week I checked off all of my originally assigned responsibilities associated with the Huge Project. I will probably have to continue to help out here and there next week as we wrap it up, but I am feeling very pleased with what I’ve helped to accomplish.
  • Running: I finally ran 30 minutes!!!!! A slow 30 minutes; I think the distance was under 3 miles. Until the next Groundhog Resolution Day, I’m going to work on maintaining that time but increasing my speed a little bit.l
  • Routines: Wednesday routines was successfully accomplished again.
  • Fruits/veggies: Not so well this week; I’m eating a lot of fruits but not enough veggies.
  • Branding: No forward progress.
  • New business: No forward progress.
  • Harp: Getting very inconsistent with practicing, doing a few minutes here, a few minutes there. Better than nothing but I need to make it a priority again.
  • Attitude: I have been feeling very positive and want to attribute it to my daily habit of writing down five things that I am truly thankful for every day. Even PMS hasn’t gotten me down. Amazing! Although I did cry buckets while watching Eight Below (the movie about the sled dogs that get left in Antarctica).

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