Quick cat update

Our vet friends visited last night to give a free cursory exam. It’s official – the cat is a girl. Unspayed. About 1 year old, possibly a little younger. And the vet was 70% sure that she was pregnant.

(I was reading about the genetics of how ginger tabbies are usually boys, so our ginger tabby girl is a minority.)

I took the cat in to a local vet to have her scanned for a microchip. No microchip. The cat was not happy about being whisked into a scary moving vehicle into a strange place and seemed relieved and hungry when we got back home.

I’ve called and left a message with our SPCA to report a “found cat,” and will post a sign in our mailroom, just to give the owner a fair chance of finding her. We secretly hope that we can keep her.


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