June Review for Groundhog Day Resolutions

Cheering groundhogOops. Poor Mr. Groundhog was languishing in the dark without a name while I selfishly forged ahead with my goals. That’s the thanks he gets for cheering me on — after he got a party hat and confetti, too! (By the way — he looks like a “Gus” or a “Morty” to me. Feel free to weigh in with second opinions.)

Anyway — I am pleased with how my May goals went. I targeted 10 goals with mini-milestones and had a 60% full-success rate, with progress made on most of the remaining goals. Here’s how it broke down…

  • Health/body goals
    • How I did: My running and fruits/veggie milestones got all checked off. My weight milestones did not, although I don’t feel badly about it since the running/food milestones are more “important” in the sense that they are foundational good habits. The weight will follow.
    • Next month: I have some ideas on improving my eating habits and will sit down today to figure out how to work them into my mini-milestones.
  • Work-related goals
    • Branding goal
      • How I did: Well, I did put in my hour-plus for working more on logo ideas, and then I never thought about it again for the rest of the month (the small business goal took over my free time). But some progress is better than none!
      • Next month: I am going to bite the bullet and pick a logo!
    • Small business goal
      • How I did: I met 2/4 mini-milestones. After meeting two of my initial mini-milestones, I got buried under five more small-business related things that I hadn’t really planned for — for example, figuring out sales tax, putting together a business plan, applying for a seller’s permit. All that stuff was overwhelming and knocked the wind out of me.
      • Next month: Now that I know what’s ahead of me, I’m going to schedule in actual calendar time to work on this.
  • Routines
    • How I did: Targeting Wednesdays as my day to completely fill out my bubbles worked very well, and I had a 100% success rate!
    • Next month: Now I’m going to try to target Wednesdays AND Thursdays, to allow the momentum from Wednesday to continue.
  • Character/social
    • How I did: Better than last month.
    • Next month: Keep at it!

Overall, the two main goals I’m going to work at next month are my health-related goals and the small business; I think I’ve successfully established most of the other routine-related goals (including my character/social goals) and hopefully will not have to expend too much energy maintaining them. Time to fill out my monthly goal tracking sheet for this next month!


One thought on “June Review for Groundhog Day Resolutions

  1. Yay! Go Gus and Corrie (or Morty and Corrie, as the case may be.) Because of the recent upheaval at my job, my groundhogs went right out the window. Or perhaps they saw dark shadows and plunged back into their dens to hibernate. But, it is encouraging to read yours!

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