Kitty photos and update

After freaking out the cat with a car trip to the vet, then scaring her by running the vacuum, I thought for sure that she was going to leave and never come back. Before Steve and I left for our weekly church small group meeting, we opened the back door for her and she darted out. I was a bit pessimistic about her return, even as we told our friends about “the cat who adopted us” (sounds like a good title for a Lilian Jackson Braun mystery). Although we left the back door open, when we came home past sunset and started walking to our front door, the kitty came running out from the bushes meowing frantically. It was very, very, very cute.

Reading up on various catpregnancy web sites (assuming she is really pregnant), we’re going to get a litter box and try to keep the cat indoors so that she doesn’t have her kittens outside. Hopefully she doesn’t mind too much.

We’ve been trying to practice positive reinforcement training with the cat, to be ready for when we can finally have a puppy. So far the cat has definitely learned to sit before we feed her (which is much more polite than clawing and pawing at us while we get food into the bowl). I got some cat treats today, so we’ll be working on “sit” on command.

Here comes the requisite slew of adorable cat photos… one to whet your appetite, and more after the jump.

Sleeping with one paw up:

Cat sleeping on desk

Getting her stretch on:

Cat stretched out in a funny position

Notice the paws braced against the foot of the ottoman. She stayed in this pose for about five minutes or more.

Cat stretched out in a funny position, from a different point of view

Another ridiculous stretching pose; I love that her eyes are buttoned up tight!

Cat stretched out on desk

Cat in sphinx pose:

Cat in sphinx pose

(This is still on Steve’s desk, which is our former dining table — our current apartment has a built-in counter/table. He has the window view, which I think the cat enjoys.)

Immediately after I took the sphinx picture, she laid her head down between her paws. It was a very dog-like pose.

Cat with head down between paws

Close-up, it was even cuter:

Closeup of cat with head down between paws

Ha ha ha!

Cat with head down between paws, different angle

At the risk of driving off the five readers I have, I’ll withhold the many other photos that are all of the cat sleeping.


6 thoughts on “Kitty photos and update

  1. no! please! more kitty photos. i lost my kitten (at age 14) in January so kittens of any age make me happy. my building is pet-free and our flat too small (my cosette lived with mum) so i’ve made do with a hamster for now.

    I fell off my chair laughing at your words “so we’ll be working on “sit” on command.” good luck.

    cats own you. you own dogs. honestly i preferred my aloof cat to my dog but that’s me. i have a cartoon somewhere i should dig up for you.

  2. penny is right – make sure you read up on cat behavior, b/c they are *not* like dogs. Different, but wonderful, and they do “speak to” us, just in a different language. What a cutie! Talk about Cute Overload!

  3. Hooray for Wikipedia! Blinking to signal relaxation and “aggression tail wave” were new to me.

    A comment about training the cat, however — positive reinforcement training works on cats as well as dogs (which makes sense, since that’s what zookeepers do to manage big cats like lions and tigers). I don’t have the time/energy (or a clicker) to teach the cat tricks right now, but getting her to sit while waiting to be fed has been great (in contrast to formerly trying to jump up on the kitchen table and pawing at us/the table)! 🙂

  4. Hi there! I’m a friend of Holly and she sent me your page to cheer me up today. I agree with Penny, there are NEVER enough cute cat photos. I need to take more of my kitty. Yours is gorgeous. Does she have a name?

  5. My cat Leo looks just like the cat in these photos, and does similar poses! I saw some new poses last night, he isolates the movement in his paws and vogued like Madonna! Ever see that stretch/behavior before? He was purring while he was doing this, so I don’t think there is anything wrong with it…but must admit, questioned it since it looked odd and I never saw a cat stretch that way before!

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