Organizer Three-Month Checkup

It has been three months since I began using My New Organizer.

To review, here are the specs of my organizer and the current order of my pages:

  • Rolla/Circa junior-sized notebook with tab dividers. Black plastic covers.
  • Day Runner plastic card holder (currently unused)
  • Day Runner plastic pouch (currently unused)
  • Cardstock cover sheet w/ contact info
  • On-hold and extra Compact Project Task Cards
  • Blue divider tab
  • Archived daily sheets (I pull these out and file them once a week)
  • Red divider tab
  • Printable CEO Compact Calendar, hacked to be half-sheet two-column format with birthdays
  • Monthly and two-week spread calendar sheets
    • Two-week spread has small boxes for each day on the far left/right margins of the spread, as I usually don’t have many appointments
    • Inside margin is blank for notes, to-do’s, etc.
  • Levenger page bookmark/ruler to mark current week
  • Today’s fold-out daily sheet, for listing to-do’s, timeboxing, and tracking health/routines
  • This week’s Project Task Cards, layered and prioritized (depending on which side of the two-week spread I’m on, this may show before the daily sheet)
  • Green divider tab
  • Monthly Goal Tracker sheet (with cheering groundhog)
  • Miscellaneous pages with notes, lists, and other reference items
  • Orange divider tab
  • Blank notepaper
  • Blue Levenger pocket divider for stuff (currently holding some photos)
  • Clear Levenger pocket divider for stuff (currently empty)
  • Back cover

The Day Runner card holder and pouch are new. Initially I was thinking that I would use my organizer as a wallet replacement, and keep cards and spare change in the Day Runner card holder and pouch. However, I’ve found that I’ve been loath to make my currently slim and svelte planner bulky and un-flat. Then, I found a tiny pocket zip wallet for $5 at a thrift store (nice-quality leather!) and have been using that instead, so the pockets and pouch haven’t been used. I might transfer some of my infrequently used plastic cards (health insurance card, car insurance card) to the planner instead; those would also be the cards that I’d be most likely to need with my planner instead of just my mini-wallet.

The two-week spread and daily-sheet combo is still working out great for me. The daily sheet has a generous blank area for planning out my day’s tasks and making other notes throughout the day (phone numbers, notes from conversations, etc.). The health/routines fold-out is still great for reminding me to take care of myself and work on the things I know I should be working on (practicing harp, blogging, etc.).

Compact Project Task Cards are still in use. For now, I’m not going to make any revisions to them. Working with some of Mike Rohde/Bill Westerman’s checkbox symbol ideas, I’m putting a dot in the checkbox if it’s an item waiting on someone else, then cross it out if they’ve completed it and write my next action (if not already written down) onto the card. I use a single slash when my task is completed, of course.

Project task card with “waiting-on-other-people” items.

Further developments:

  • I’m working on a compact version of my efficient grocery list spreadsheet that will fit into my planner, hopefully will have that done today or tomorrow, so expect a post soon.
  • I checked out Getting Things Done from the library and will re-read it (I skimmed it in about an hour last time while at my sister’s house), so there may be some impact to my organizer if I implement more things. I think my life is getting busy enough again where I need to be more disciplined at having a “brain-dump” area and writing all of my to-do’s down. I’m also thinking about implementing different contexts again, but define specific contexts that would be more useful for me — i.e., @bike (for local errands), @car (for other errands). Before I get too far ahead of myself, though, I should really read the book more carefully this time around!

4 thoughts on “Organizer Three-Month Checkup

  1. That’s great that yours is working so great for you. Mine is currently using me instead of my using it and I hope to revisit that soon! hopefully sooner than later because i feel it is causing some problems in my getting things done. thank you for this insightful post.

  2. Are you able to use Daytimes/Dayrunner/ Franklin Covey paper, tabs, dividers – and hole punch them with the Levenger Circa hole punch and use with the Circa or Staples Arc System Disc rings? I have ALOT of 7 hole punched items that I would like to repurpose. would the new holes be between the old regular ring style holes?
    Thanks, Sheryl

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