A short reading list

I chose not to visit the library this weekend so that I would be more likely to finish up the rest of my books.

Finished this week:

Search for the Golden Moon Bear by Sy Montgomery. This time, Sy Montgomery goes into Cambodia, Thailand, and Laos with another scientist to search for what they hope is a new species of bear. Or maybe it’s a subspecies of bear. Or maybe it’s just a previously undiscovered color of bear. Or maybe there’s a different bear they should be looking for altogether. Aside from the “looking for the golden moon bear” plot, this book will break your heart with its description of illegal animal poaching. Sometimes we humans can do pretty messed-up things.

With a bookmark:

(Books I just started reading, or books I’ve been “reading” for ages. Most recent first.)

  • The Wild Out Your Window by Sy Montomery
  • The Elements of Typographic Style by Robert Bringhurst
  • Transcending CSS by Andy Clarke
  • Wild at Heart by John Eldredge
  • A Long Obedience in the Same Direction by Eugene Peterson

Library book box:

  • Getting Things Done by David Allen

2 thoughts on “A short reading list

  1. I envy your strength to not visit the library. It doesn’t help that I must past by two (one of them the NYPL Humanities Research Library) just to go to and from the office. 😉

  2. Luckyyyyyyyyy! (Said in a Napoleon Dynamite voice.) Our library is not conveniently close by or on-the-way to anything else, so it always requires some special effort, which I’m usually happy to make. 🙂

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