Compact Grocery Shopping List

One of my weekend projects was to revise my Efficient Grocery Shopping List and make it fit a half-sheet of paper so that I could put it into my organizer. I also wanted to somehow incorporate a different grocery store list for the local food co-op, which I’ve started going to more often to purchase a larger variety of organic and locally-grown/produced foods.

The result — a two-sided compact grocery shopping list, created in Excel.

Click for larger view.
Grocery list screenshot

By printing the spreadsheet on both sides of a sheet of paper, I can cut the paper in half and have a two-sided grocery list; one side for my local Safeway, the other side for the food co-op. When planning my weekly grocery shopping list (or biweekly, as the case may be), I can fill out the items that I need from both stores and only bring one list around town.

The half-sheet size means that I can Circa-punch the sheet and put it into my organizer. The page has space at the bottom of the half-sheet, which I can use to sketch out the week’s menu (I used to do this in the wide right margin of the original sheet).

I’ve updated my original Excel spreadsheet to include both the original full-size spreadsheet as well as a second spreadsheet for the two-sided/two-store version. You are more than welcome to download the spreadsheet and tweak it for your own use.


  • Compact Efficient Grocery List PDFgroceries-half.pdf
  • Efficient Grocery List and Compact Grocery List Excel Workbook v2groceries.xls
    Two spreadsheets in the same workbook – one with the original full-size one-store spreadsheet, one for the half-sheet two-side printout.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License.


  • When printing, be sure to check the “fit to page” option so the spreadsheet compresses to a one-page printout.
  • Print out a few copies of the half-sheet, then return the paper to the printer to print more on the other side of the paper. Cut the paper in half — if you’ve printed it right, you should end up with a two-sided half-sheet.

3 thoughts on “Compact Grocery Shopping List

  1. Hello – I write an online magazine and am referencing you and your blog in it this month (December) because I love your grocery list. I wrote an article about it hope you drop by to take a read! Just go to the web site and click on Organized Lifestyle – and follow to the Dec edition.

  2. this is just great! Thank you for sharing I’m downloading it now….
    Best regards from Serbia!

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