Cat mini-stories

A smattering of different cat anecdotes from the past few days….

Starting with one photo (haven’t downloaded the rest from my camera yet):

Cat stretched out with crossed paws

Her tummy is getting more pregnant, no? I love the crossed paws action.

We’ve closed all the closet doors except for the office closet, and put a box with a towel in the office closet to try to “encourage” the cat to use it as a birthing box. Today, I thought heard some shuffling around in the closet and peeked in, but didn’t see the cat. I looked around the rest of the house and couldn’t locate her. Later I realized that she had somehow crawled in to the very back of the closet where there just happened to be an 8″ x 8″ space in between our backpacking equipment. She was in a “pit” created by the backpacks and corner of the closet, and had to climb over the backpacks to get out. Silly cat.

When doing her business, Nutmeg scratches furiously at the cat litter for approximately 3 minutes and 42 seconds, which seems a pretty long time to me, but then again, I’m not a cat. She gets down to the bottom of the plastic litter box and scratches furiously at that. Then she turns around and moves all of the sand to the other side of the litter box. When she’s all done and has adequately covered things up, she then slides her paws on the bathroom floor linoleum for good measure.

Nutmeg gets into playful moods, usually signified with a few meowing queries, an upright posture, and swishing of the tail. If you don’t get the point, she makes it clear by dashing away at top speed when you make the smallest movement. If you then get up and start to play with her (we have a plastic rod with a long fleece ribbon attached to it which was on sale at our local Petco), she runs into the living room and darts under the couch (which is pretty tight, particularly for a pregnant cat) to be in prime sneaking position.

Although I used to have cats, I don’t remember ever seeing them sleep deeply enough to go into twitchy sleep stages. Nutmeg spends most of the day sleeping on Steve’s desk which is conveniently a head-turn away, and I must admit that I’m often distracted by her cuteness as she sprawls all over the desk, rolls over, stretches, and goes into full-on twitch mode. Her paws twitch, her ears twitch, her tail jerks, her nose twitches, her half-open eyes are darting about, and even her toes twitch. It’s awesome.

A few times, the cat has jumped up onto the bed at 3:30 or 4 am to get some cuddles, laying gently on our stomachs and purring.

When Nutmeg is in cuddle mode, she likes to push her face into your armpit or elbow-crevice while you pet her. It’s rather adorable.

We’ve been successful in getting the cat to sit before we feed her or give her treats, although without a clicker we probably won’t get much further with any kind of positive reinforcement training. This week, we’ve even been able to get her to sit and not dart forward when the food is brought down to her level, by slowly moving the food bowl downwards but pulling it back up quickly if she starts to lunge forward. Today she actually sat still for 1.5 whole seconds and looked away until I said “GOOD KITTY!!” when I put her food bowl down. (Our dog successfully learned the “leave it” command with similar positive reinforcement techniques, even when we put treats on his paws. He did the same “looking away” trick, as if by not looking at the treats he wouldn’t be tempted to eat them.)

The other day, Nutmeg was washing her paws, but then started biting and pulling at the fur on her paw. She did it a few times, but when I finally went over to take a look, it didn’t look like there was anything stuck in her fur. Was she just trying to pull out her fur? It was pretty funny at the time.

We think we can feel the babies in her belly when we put our hand gently but firmly on her stomach. When we are patient, we can feel little tiny taps — kind of like when someone nudges you with their knuckle, but a bit softer.

That’s all for now.


3 thoughts on “Cat mini-stories

  1. Do you want a clicker? When I bought ours, I got a package of 5, thinking we’d need several in different places. We don’t.

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