GTD setup week

Three posts in one day is a lot even for me, but here’s my weekly update…

  • Monday, I trimmed off the final loose ends on the Big Project. Hooray!!!
  • Tuesday, I felt VERY UNMOTIVATED.
  • My solution — a “new system:” Getting Things Done. I started to implement this organizing/productivity system espoused by David Allen in his book, Getting Things Done. I started this because my life had “expanded to the point where I could no longer keep it all neatly in my head.” This involved collecting all the physical “stuff” (papers and other things that were out of place or hadn’t been dealt with) into a stack and writing out three pages of “brain dump” stuff.
  • Wednesday, I took the day off from paid work to fully dive into the new system. This involved plowing through my brain dump pages and my stack o’ stuff, making some cool new forms for my organizer, and plowing through all of my email. At the end of the day, I had neatly categorized all my Stuff, both physical and digital, into organized “projects” and had a completely empty inbox on both accounts.
  • Thursday and today, I’ve been Getting Things Done. I haven’t been getting as much done as I usually do, however, because I’m still settling into this new system and tweaking my workflow to fit.

All of this new-systeming has taken a toll on my existing systems, namely, my daily routines. Harp practice has been even more infrequent. My goal to “fill out all my bubbles” on Wednesdays and Thursdays wasn’t met, and I stopped keeping track of what food I’ve been eating. On the positive side, however, I’ve noticed that I’ve been getting through more of my bubbles on a day-to-day basis, not just on Wednesdays and Thursdays, so that gives me hope that I really am developing these habits overall.

Looking forward, this next week is going to be “not normal.” My hubby is going to be working out of town, most likely (one of the reasons why we picked up cell phones, finally), so I will have a lot of free time. I have a lot of baby shower planning and prep to take care of, but I’m hoping I’ll have time to crank out some of the other projects that are now waiting neatly in my project list form. Hopefully I’ll remember to eat, sleep, exercise, and all that.

I’m starting a new section of my weekly update to link to the kind people who have posted relevant comments in the past week and included a link to their blog. I didn’t realize that this blog automatically puts rel=”nofollow” for the comment links. Since this is my first time trying this out, I’ll post links to everyone who’s commented in the short life of this blog so far. (Disclaimer: We’ll see how long this lasts. Maybe I’ll get tired of copying and pasting.)

Thanks for visiting: Marcia (Organizing Queen), Penny (PenguinGirl), AgentSully (Life Learning Today), Ryan Rasmussen, Doodah (Just a Bit of Silliness), Katy (Flipping Heck), Kate (Blog to Discovery) (…is site down?), Danie Ware, Stephen (HD BizBlog), Paige Pooler, Ingrid (The Girl in the Cafe), Gautch, Angela (SummitStar Press), WaterLearner, Adam (Monk at Work), Live Your Life, Melanie (All About Content), Senia, Jon Plummer, Phil (Poker Mac), Dave Seah, Shirley Thompson, LeaLea, Mike Rohde, Lifehack, Laura Hogan, Hyperreality

Now… time for my GTD weekly review!

9 thoughts on “GTD setup week

  1. Hi (been inspired by your posts as I have been reading them for a while) interesting review of the week with the implementation of GTD. What was especially interesting was the fact that the daily routines got a little knocked. It was the lack of ‘routines’ in my GTD implementation that led me first to Covey’s 7 Habits and then to your daily planner templates, which I found really inspirational. I found that GTD was a very reactive process (inbox… process… action) and not proactive. Therefore I have been trying to add routine t the basic GTD set up. Anyway, hope the routines get back on track.

  2. I resonate a lot with your comment that you found GTD to be reactive instead of proactive, but I’m new enough to this that I don’t want to commit to that opinion. 😉 Part of the challenge for me has been to switch from my old format of a daily to-do list to the more flexible pick your task format that GTD entails. While cranking through a daily to-do list was usually very productive for me, ultimately it left a lot of other things undone, which is why I’m trying out GTD (which also addresses the occasional frustration of having the to-do list thrown out the window by “stuff that came up”).

    Although I’ve been trying to get my routines to become habit, some of them are less so than others. I think the energy I’ve been expending on learning GTD (not to mention posting multiple blogs) means that I have less energy to focus on and remember the routines that aren’t habit!

    Thanks for commenting, Darren, and please do so more often! I’m glad the daily planner template was helpful.

  3. Oh hi – just checked emails and saw that you commented on a post. Glad it helped you. I’ve just had my first cup of coffee because I’ve finished 1L of water today so far (5:21pm here in Johannesburg)

    Can I suggest that you go into your blogger profile and check the box that says “show my email address”? It will only show me (blog owner) and not the general internet public.

  4. I feel out of sorts when E is out of town. That hasn’t happened lately, thankfully (? I haven’t gotten to tag along either though). It’s good that you have a bunch of routines and plans for routines to help you out. I found your cingular thoughts quite fascinating. E and I dropped our family plan as we were wasting tons of money, even though it is my biz line we just weren’t getting value out of what we were paying. He is now pay-as-you-go as he requires about 5-10 minutes a month and I have a $30ish plan. Definitely look at your usage of the family plan and see if it’s worth it. Then again, neither E nor I are very large phone people.

  5. Penny – Yes, we’ll see how it goes with the phones. It’s definitely worth it for this time that he’s out of town, as we can talk without worrying about long distance charges or minutes, but we’ll have to reevaluate as we go along.

  6. Thanks for the link and yes my site has been down intermittently for the last two weeks, but hopefully I’ve now found the corrupted code.

    Over the last three weeks my husband and I have been away from home, him around Europe and me around England, it is certainly disruptive but can also be nice to have some ‘me’ time. He gets back tomorrow just as I go to London – great timing!

    I hope you find introducing GTD beneficial, I certainly have. Although I’m interested that you are moving away from a daily to do list because the post I’m currently writing describes my day planner which I find invaluable when I’m in the office.

  7. Hi Kate! I did drop the daily to-do list for… oh… two days, and have since been going back to it. I’m trying to use it as more of a “what I’d like to focus on today,” however, to avoid the day-to-day guilt David Allen describes when you don’t get everything crossed off.

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