Taking life as it comes: Huge benefit of GTD

A “quick” post to say that today is one example of why I’m loving GTD — it helps you to take life as it comes, while still being able to maintain productivity and goals.

It’s only 10:30-ish as I write this. I’ve been up since 5:30 (albeit a little slow-moving). After checking my tickler file, RTM, email, Google Reader, and making a short list of the four things I want to try to accomplish today, I wrote a note to a friend and a birthday card for another friend. Then I went for a short run (14 minutes, faster pace, plus warmup and cooldown walk), had breakfast, and then drafted part of a longer blog post.

I had planned to bike down to Starbucks (it’s really only a two-minute bike ride, so don’t get too impressed) at about 8:30 to pick up two mocha frappucinos and bring one of them to the birthday-friend, then come back home, shower, do my other morning routine things, and get started with work around 9:30 or 10.

Instead I ended up hanging out for an hour with my friend. She is a stay-at-home mom with five children, two of whom are newly adopted twin toddler boys. You could say that she hasn’t had much of a “life” lately in between not much sleep and spending all day with the kids! We had a rich time (in between consoling clingy toddlers) of sharing important things that have been going on while enjoying sips of frothy cool chocolate-flavored coffee drinks.

Having already gone through my morning time of checking my calendar, with the comfort of knowing that everything was captured and processed, and knowing that I had plenty of time in the rest of the day (well, unless more “life” happens) to get my “most important tasks” done, I had the freedom of knowing that this was exactly what I wanted to choose to do at that moment — spend valuable time with a person instead of my other projects.

Hooray for GTD!

And now for the rest of my day to begin…


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