The week in numbers

Mixing up my week update format:

  • 85 Remember the Milk tasks completed (not including “waiting” items)
  • 2 personal GTD Projects completed
  • 5 freelance GTD Projects completed
    • 2 freelance jobs completed and invoiced
  • 24 incomplete GTD Projects
    • 9 GTD Projects that I actively worked on this week (in addition to completed projects)
  • Ran 15 minutes only this week. Total. 😦 (I haven’t been getting enough sleep… consequently “feel too tired” to exercise.)
  • 2 one-on-ones with friends.
  • Finished 2 books, started 1 more.
    • 1 “old-timer” book finished (one of those books I started months ago and has been sitting around)
  • 153 sent emails
  • Only 14 tweets. I’m slacking.
  • 2 nights home alone with hubby out of town
  • Only 11 photos taken of the cat
  • 10 hours of sleep [update: I started to add my sleep hours together and realized I didn’t keep track of them this week! Nevertheless, I did get ten hours in two nights…]
  • Filling out an average of 15.75 out of 20 bubbles on my daily routine tracker forms

And… 24 comments/pingbacks on this blog, not including my own. Thanks for visiting: Marcia (Organising Queen), Gilda, Kim, Darren (Cold Tea Again), Penny (PenguinGirl), Doodah (Just a Bit of Silliness), Stephen (HD BizBlog), Michael (Black Belt Productivity), Jeroen (Brain Tags), gtdfrk (Getting Things Done), and hak (The Outdoor Journey).


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