Presenting the new Corrie Haffly logo! Moo!

It’s been over a month since I generated my last round of logo ideas (see part 1, part 2, part 3). Other projects and responsibilities have intruded since then, but a link to a VistaPrint business card sale that ends this Tuesday helped to whip me into gear.

I decided to start with my top three favorite logos from round 3 and just start putting them in a business card shape to see how they might develop from there. Below are some of the ones I started playing with, starting with the “corrie smiley-face logo” and the “CH combo logo.”

Business card sketches

When I got to my “smiley-C” logo, I went completely non-traditional and started working on this:

Smiliy C logo business card idea
Something about this clicked for me.

  • It’s not your standard business card.
  • It’s simple and clean.
  • It’s fun and friendly.
  • It ties in my smiley-face avatar — and even the fact that I like to draw comics.

I think the “C/H combo” logo is a little cooler-looking, maybe a little stronger, but it doesn’t scream my personality all that much.

After trying out some different fonts and wording, I’ve ended up with this (it’s not much different):

Business card design

Next steps are to get this in a format ready to send off to vistaprint, then redesign my web site and blog and invoice templates and all that printable goodness. Now I’ll finally have the excuse to try out’s Sandbox theme and custom CSS upgrade.

And if I hate this logo in a few months… well, I did come up with lots of other options. 🙂

Thanks to Angela, Liz, Penny, Shirley, Dave, Senia, Gilda, Doodah, Alex, Mike, and Lea (who wrote the original article series that inspired me to try to brand myself) for voicing helpful thoughts and opinions through this process.


20 thoughts on “Presenting the new Corrie Haffly logo! Moo!

  1. I really like what you ended up choosing. Def shows more personality. The one problem I had with the C/H logo was that it looks too corporate.

  2. The CH combo is stronger – but this one is so much more you! I’m glad you went with a bit of whimsy. There is just not enough whimsy in the business world.

    Here is my own whimsical story. I recently went to a conference and b/c my company has not given me business cards, I decided to make my own goofy ones. Just simple lines with my name, “title,” and contact info.

    For title I put “Writer, Designer, _________”. I filled in the _____ with a different fake job for each of the 10 cards on the master sheet. Things like: Circus Performer, Chief Cook, Bottle Washer, Rodeo Clown, Cartoon Voice, etc. My personal favorite being: “Rock Star.”

    When I cruised the networking events and the vendor booths, I’d let people choose which card they wanted. It was a fun conversation starter, and a way for them to remember me. Throughout the week vendors and attendees would recognize me and call out one of my fake titles, “Hey, Cat Herder!” It’s been a fun way to connect with people who are normally so serious.


  3. Dave and Penny – thanks!

    Samhallife – Thanks for visiting! I agree that the C/H was rather corporate.

    Doodah – GREAT story. Thanks for sharing!

    Some recent updates since I posted this: I realized that I misspelled “coincidence” (with an “e” instead of an “i”) and experienced some great VistaPrint customer service where they did some cool remote cart-editing to help me upload a new version of the graphic. They are definitely getting my future business-card business!

    I also decided to remove the black outline — I didn’t want the business card trim to be a little bit off and then have an uneven border bug me.

  4. I’m glad you went with the smiley and speech bubble — it definitely seems more genuine and approachable. The CH business card shapes were interesting, but in the end simplicity AND whimsy wins. 🙂

    I’m glad that my lil’ article series gave you a kickstart. I will eventually bug you for the research / real-life examples of people influenced by my series… 🙂 I hope you don’t mind! Please post pics of the finished printed cards when you have them!

  5. Lea – Bug away! And I was cheap and went for slowest shipping possible, so it may be yet another month before I actually get the business cards. Gives me time to redesign the web sites!

    Marcia – Likewise!

    Mike – Thanks!

  6. Love the smiley c, quite unique, refreshing, and becoming 😀
    As for business card, I vote either for corrie with smiley c, or for the last solution.

    However, for the business card shape, the one with left side rounded (just like the one with C-H logo) feels as if it would simply “just fit” into the hands of the business card recipient. And seems wonderfully compatible with smiley c.

    Comparing my memories on business cards received, the easiest to recall were those with uncommon (but well-thought) formats and layouts. Be it quadratic, or any other way. So, as an icing on your branding cake – wouldn’t it be great to have something that would stand up (from other b. cards) in your customers memory, and wallet, too? I think you have found a great way to fit your originality there as well: the rounded version takes the same space as cornered one (and classical business card), but is easier to get noticed and grabbed 😀

  7. Thank you for the feedback, Mirta! For now, my first 250 cards are the smiley c, but I was rather fond of the rounded shape as well, so next time I may look into trying something a little different!

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