Baby carriage baby shower favors

This Saturday is the second baby shower that I’m throwing this year along with a few other organizers. The invitations had a baby carriage theme, so I carried the graphics on to the guest favors. I made custom tea bag envelopes using a pale shade of the lime green from the invitation graphics. Here’s a staged view of my work in progress:

Making baby shower favors

My original idea was to make a cool and complicated 3D pyramid tea bag holder, but the Lipton Green Tea with Mandarin Orange Flavor pyramid infusers proved difficult to work around, so I gave up and went with easy flat envelopes instead. I printed out small baby carriage squares, sliced them up, and glued them over the Lipton logo for customized labels.

Making baby shower favor teabags

The pyramid tea bags were puffier than the standard flat tea bags, so the envelopes got a little puffy and wrinkled after putting them in, but they still look cute.

Baby shower favor teabags

One of the snacks that will be made for the party is green tea shortbread. I created a recipe card (standard 3×5 index card size) to also give to the guests, so here’s the final baby shower favor package:

Recipe card and tea bag

Baby carriage cookies.One of the ideas we initially had when we were brainstorming favor ideas were baby carriage cookies. I was able to find baby carriage cookie cutters online and my sister has all of the cake/cookie decorating paraphernalia that one could want, but ultimately I nixed the idea as it seemed like too many things could go wrong and I’d have to make them all just a few days before the shower so they wouldn’t be stale. I’m much more comfortable with paper, scissors, and glue! I also had the added benefit of being able to work on the favors a little at a time. Plus, green tea is much healthier than sugar cookies, and more likely to actually be used, right? If we had a bigger budget to work with, though, maybe we would have done both and ordered the personalized cookies instead. 🙂

Next week, I’ll post the remaining info from the baby shower, including the personalized gift I worked on and our party decor and food.


8 thoughts on “Baby carriage baby shower favors

  1. Hi, Corrie. The cookies are darling! The favors are also charming. There is just no arguing with talent! And these compliments are coming from a specialty baker. We design wedding cakes most of the time, but the occasional baby shower comes our way, too.
    Keep Baking!!!

  2. Sugar cookies are my favorite thing to personalize showers. I make them weeks ahead of time, then freeze them. Then I have time to do the last minute things!

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