Cat in labor!

Our cat is in the first stages of labor. Today she meowed pitifully practically all morning while intermittently going into the closet to tear up some of the newspaper that I had laid in a cardboard box. Then she tried to tear up the cardboard box. I think it was too small, so I took stuff out of the closet and put a laundry basket inside, which seemed to suit her better.

She took a long nap this afternoon, but now you can see discharge coming out and her stomach seems to be going through contractions every now and then.



3 thoughts on “Cat in labor!

  1. wow! between all the babies recently born and these kitties, I’m going to be one busy knit/crocheter!! may she have a safe and easy delivery of her kittens! (i wish i could take one home with me!!)

  2. Doodah – Thanks! Feel free to drop by sometime soon. I can return your books while you’re at it. 🙂

    Penny – I’m having a hard time imagining the baby kittens with… mini socks? 😉

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