Kitten photos (so far)

Kitten #2

Closeup of the kitten face:

Kitten face closeup

Five little kittens, so far:

Five little kittens

Nutmeg looks like she’s done. But then again, she looked like she was done after #2.

Four of the kittens are orange, the fifth one was a dark color. They are awfully adorable.


8 thoughts on “Kitten photos (so far)

  1. Oh my goodness!!! What cuteness! I’m so excited! Wish I could have come over last night to watch… thanks for calling, though. We really appreciated that!

  2. They are totally cute!!!! I already have three (very cute) cats, but those little babies are sooooooo adorable it makes me want to get a kitten. They are gonna be pretty cats when they grow up too.

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