5 Little Kittens

All the babies are cleaned and suckling. Nutmeg, absolutely exhausted, falls asleep:

Nutmeg, exhausted, falls asleep.

On closer inspection (now that the kittens are dry and fluffy), it seems that there is only one ginger tabby in the mix. There are three light cream ones (white?), and one multi-colored dark one.

Kittens feeding

Tiny kitten face!

Tiny kitten closeup

Tiny kittens

Closeup of the paws:

Tiny kitten closeup

Nutmeg finally got up to eat this morning. She walked around a bit dazed, it seemed. Meanwhile, the kittens were huddled together in a little fur pile, twitching.

Kittens sleeping

I’m trying to figure out a way to replace the towel without disturbing them TOO much so that they can have a clean nest. The Little Mermaid towel has served us well, but all the blood and stuff on it is a disturbing contrast in the photos.

Question of the day: How am I supposed to get any work done?! Imagining myself parked by the closet with the laptop, but I’ll probably have a crick in my neck when I’m done.


11 thoughts on “5 Little Kittens

  1. Doesn’t part of you wish they could stay kittens forever? Something about the proportions of baby animals seems more appealing than the adult versions.

  2. So stinkin’ cute! I’ll be praying for your productivity today!!! Maybe Nutmeg will let you pull the basket out of the closet to keep near your feet at the desk… 🙂 And maybe you can just carefully slip another towel under the kittens, lift them up, then pull the other one out from underneath.

  3. Britt — I think it’s a combo of fuzziness and helplessness. Later, it’s the big eyes and tiny ears.

    Liz — I was able to pull all the kittens out temporarily and then take out the nasty towel and put a new one in while Nutmeg got a quick snack. She jumped right back in and started licking them so I don’t think I did any permanent damage. 🙂

  4. the dark one almost looks like it has calico markings. love the picture at the end with the ginger one’s little tail curled around. will they be running around and causing cute chaos by the time of next small group?

  5. We had kittens in my bedroom long ago in 2000. You can handle them regularly and the mum won’t mind… she trusts you already I’m sure 🙂 The dilute calico is soooo adorable (I have a weakness for white kittens too) =^..^= many congrats on your new bubs!

  6. ddrdancer – I think it is a calico — took a closer look and it’s mostly dark but has white and orange patches. They supposedly open their eyes around 10 days and should be regularly handled by humans after 14 days to promote cat/human bonding, so you can be sure we’ll be having people over!

    diysara – Thanks for the advice! They are all pretty cute. 🙂

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