Way too many cute kitten pictures.

Are you ready?

Photo journalism story: Brawl at the Milk Bar

Our story starts with all the kittens squirming about for position at Nutmeg’s belly. Kitten the Determined (aka calico or tortoiseshell kitten) found a nipple and latched on.

Kittens eating

Mini-Nutmeg, however, was a bit late on the draw and missed out on the milk bar. He (?) started to push and shove, trying to move one of the other kittens aside and take over their spot. Kitten the Determined, however, wasn’t having any of that.


Kittens shoving

Mini-Nutmeg: “Whoof! That was tiring. I need to take a short nap.”

Little kitten face

After taking a short nap, Mini-Nutmeg then complained to his mother. “Mommeeeeee! They aren’t sharing!”

Nutmeg: “Silly boy. There’s a spot free right down there.”

Big lick!

Mini-Nutmeg: “I can’t seeeeeee! My eyes are closed!!!!”

Nutmeg: “Well, do your best. I’m too tired to help.”

Mini-Nutmeg started to try to shove the other kittens out of his way.

Looking for a spot

Suddenly — Snowpuff #1 had had enough! She (he?) started pushing and shoving back at Mini-Nutmeg. “You big bully! Why don’t you just find an open spot instead of trying to take everyone else’s?” Unfortunately Snowpuff’s valiant efforts almost completely bowled Kitten the Determined over — but, living up to her temporary name, she kept on sucking away.

Kitten the Determined: “Oof! [suck. suck. suck.]”

Mini-Nutmeg: “Ow! Stop it already!”


Mini-Nutmeg decided it was time for a change of course. He sneakily went around from the other side to try to push Kitten the Determined away.

More pushing and shoving.

A full on wrestling match ensued. Mini-Nutmeg’s tiny paws batted frantically at Kitten the Determined’s head. Kitten the Determined squealed and batted her even tinier paws back at Mini-Nutmeg. At one point in the wrestling match, Mini-Nutmeg picked Kitten the Determined up and flung her on her back. (Okay, slight exaggeration there.) But Kitten the Determined very determinedly kept her tiny muzzle grip.

Upside down and still sucking.

Mini-Nutmeg eventually found a spot and ate to his fill.

Afterwards, Mini-Nutmeg and Kitten the Determined cuddled up together in a show of reconciliation.

Cuddling together.

Other assorted pictures…

When the kittens have fallen asleep while eating, Nutmeg says, “I’m outta here,” and jumps out to get a drink, eat a snack, or just lay around. Meanwhile, the kittens cuddle together in a big fuzzy pile.

Pile o' kittens

LOOK at this tiny paw!!

Tiny paw

And look at those tiny claws!!!!!

Tiny claws

BIG PAW. little paw.

Big paw, little paw.

Kittens all in a row. I swear, I only slightly nudged the last one into position!

Kittens in a row.

Closeup of Kitten the Determined so that interested parties can determine if it’s a calico, tortie, and/or dilute.

Kitten the Determined.

As Cute Overload would say: Look at dees bebeh kitteh leetle muzzlepuff!!!

Tiny kitten face

And if you were curious, Kitten the Determined (who is the runt of the litter) is about 5 inches long:

Measuring the small kitten.

And Snowpuff #2 is about 6 inches.

Measuring another kitten

That’s all for now.

Nutmeg is a good mom — as soon as there’s the tiniest mew, she jumps down to check them out and make sure they’re okay.


5 thoughts on “Way too many cute kitten pictures.

  1. So sweet! Analise and I enjoyed them. She said of the last 2 pictures, “oh, look, they’re at the doctor!” Very cute!

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