Web site v1 – Experiments in color

Now that I’ve picked a logo and have a business card order placed, it’s on to revamping my current web site. I’m going to treat myself like a client and come up with at least one other design idea — but here’s a peek at the first one and my experiments with five different colors…






Note on this last one: I’m going to probably have different photos/colored boxes on each page, so I was trying out a different color with the pink background.

I’m going to see if I can inject more “whimsy” into the next design. Not feeling overly inspired yet, however, and I only want to stare at kittens all day. Might have to give this another month. 🙂

11 thoughts on “Web site v1 – Experiments in color

  1. So far, I like the third or fouth one. pink is my fav color so I’m automatically liking that one but it is a little feminine is you are looking for male clients too. But the torquise or lime green are great! Great job!

  2. I really like the green and pink versions. The color scheme seems so “different” from what I’m used to seeing elsewhere.

  3. I think whatever colour scheme you choose will be fine, however my main concern from what I see in these thumbnails are in regards to typography. I like the fact that you use the speech bubble in your business card and site, but for some reason, I think that it loses its graphical impact when there’s SO much text in one bubble for your site.

    My suggestion would be to either:

    a) reduce amount of text and maybe increase text size or
    b) split it to TWO speech bubbles (maybe one up top for the MAIN context, and then more clarification at the bottom?)

    When you look at comic books, you notice how they break up LONG passages of dialogue with two or more bubbles instead of putting it all in one — it’s just not as visually impactful or readable otherwise.

    That’s my two cents. 🙂 Tho if you are asking for personal colour prefs, I like #2 and #3. 😀

  4. Hi Lea – I think that was worth over two cents. Thanks for the input!
    My lack of inspiration yesterday was keeping me from thinking of anything clever (and short) to put in the speech bubble. Maybe I will have better luck later. 🙂

  5. I wanted to say I agree with Lea as the amount of text in the speech bubble. Can you limit yourself to 5-9 words? (or maybe two lines?)

    maybe … “web design. inspiration. it’s all here.” or something ? (i’m soo bad at this stuff… we’ll email about it i’m sure)

    As for colour.. choose the one you like best! I think the purple might be to monotone even though it has become one of my favourite colours…

  6. I vote for the green one – green would be good with a variety of photos – so you wouldn’t have to stick with the pink flower – you can use the same boarder and heading text and alter the photo and text box – consistency and variety at the same time.

    I also like the idea of reducing the speech bubble or making two.

    For whimsy have you thought of using your cartoons/comics instead of stock photos? Maybe that’s too much whimsy?

  7. Liz – thanks!

    Penny – Still thinking….. 🙂

    Doodah – I was having a hard time meshing the “smooth logo” with my “rough comics.” I’ll give it a few days and see what comes next. It did take me two months to get a logo together, so…..

  8. Maybe you could start with a rough comic and smooth it out in Illustrator? I don’t know how it all works, but it could be lots of whimsy goodness.

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