Weekly review and cat update

A quick note to say that Nutmeg has some vaginal bleeding. 😦 It’s only been for the past two or so hours, but it’s consistent. I have an appointment with the vet in about two and a half hours. Now I just need to figure out how to transport her and the kittens….!

But it’s time for my weekly update.

  • Work – I’m still cranking through and being pretty productive with client work and actual stuff I “need” to do, but still have been unmotivated about all the things I “could” do. Near the end of this week, I started making a goal for myself of how much money I wanted to earn each day, so that’s been motivating in getting me to at least put in the hours and get some stuff done.
  • Running – I’ve run two out of the three times I planned to run this week (16 min, 20 min). I was supposed to run this morning, but I haven’t wanted to leave Nutmeg alone and get blood over everything. I may try to run tomorrow morning since Steve will be back home.
  • Routines – I lost focus for my Wednesday/Thursday routines (especially since Nutmeg had her kittens on Wednesday!). But overall I’m still pleased with how my morning routine is still coming together. Still haven’t made a point to think about tweaking my evening routines, though … maybe I’ll schedule in some time to think about them!
  • Fruit/veggies – I ate TERRIBLY this week. It’s terribly difficult to be motivated to cook when you’re home alone. I was practically living off Ramen for three days.
  • Branding – Great progress! Picked a logo, ordered business cards, and came up with one web site idea. This next week I’ll shoot for another site idea; the first one isn’t really doing it for me although it is pretty.
  • New business – Also great progress! I pumped out the remaining five of the custom illustrations I had wanted to create for the web site within a few hours, and now feel motivated to work more on the web site itself. I also filed a fictitious name statement in the newspaper, finally.
  • Harp – Inconsistent.
  • Attitude – Good!

There have been a few blogs that I’ve come across lately that talk about only focusing on a limited number of goals. I’m sure they would look at my list of 19 and shake their heads. On the other hand, it seems that I really only end up “focusing” on a few goals each month — the others might get some small amounts of progress but otherwise are in a holding pattern. Only in the “harp” area have I been going downhill in terms of consistency! (Um, and this week, my eating suffered as well.) But I think my goal tracking sheet has been helping me to keep everything in mind, so I’ll keep juggling all these balls as long as I can!


2 thoughts on “Weekly review and cat update

  1. Go Corrie!!! You Rock.

    As for the feeding “just me” .. wow I’ve gotten out of the practice of that as well. I skipped lunch because I just never got that far. Not Good.

    I hope Nutmeg is ok, please let us know..

  2. Penny – I am embarrassed to admit that I have only eaten two flour tortillas today. (They’re the “homemade” puffy style ones — delicious and quite filling.) I’m a carb girl, but even this is ridiculous!!

    Anyway — Nutmeg got to stay at the vet’s for a couple of hours. They shot her with some drug that would make her uterus contract and push anything else out over the next few hours. The good news is that there isn’t an extra kitten left behind or anything else big like that, just a lot of gunk and blood. Poor Nutmeg meows occasionally so I think she’s hurting, but she’s still taking great care of her babies.

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