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Presenting the new Corrie Haffly logo! Moo!

It’s been over a month since I generated my last round of logo ideas (see part 1, part 2, part 3). Other projects and responsibilities have intruded since then, but a link to a VistaPrint business card sale that ends this Tuesday helped to whip me into gear. I decided to start with my top […]

Reading progress

Finished this week: It’s All Too Much by Peter Walsh. Peter Walsh is one of the people in the series Clean Sweep, and in this book, talks about why to declutter, then how. I skimmed the book to get a sense of his philosophy and structure and found it full of great tips, so I’ll […]

The week in numbers

Mixing up my week update format: 85 Remember the Milk tasks completed (not including “waiting” items) 2 personal GTD Projects completed photocopied harp music and put a binder together made a charging station 5 freelance GTD Projects completed 2 freelance jobs completed and invoiced 24 incomplete GTD Projects 9 GTD Projects that I actively worked […]

Creating daily routines… and doing them!

I’ve mentioned my daily routines several times before. Having established routines is a concept I first came across from FlyLady (although I also recently saw talking about them a well). Once I got past the garish design and the stay-at-home-mom lingo, I found some great common-sense no-nonsense organization, productivity, and self-improvement tips. Here are […]

Taking life as it comes: Huge benefit of GTD

A “quick” post to say that today is one example of why I’m loving GTD — it helps you to take life as it comes, while still being able to maintain productivity and goals. It’s only 10:30-ish as I write this. I’ve been up since 5:30 (albeit a little slow-moving). After checking my tickler file, […]


I have been way too wordy the past few days, so I’m reverting to my comic archive to give you and myself a break. Okay, the real reason is that I had five hours of sleep and am feeling rather tired and lazy. This is an older comic I drew in the midst of a […]

My GTD implementation and work area tour

Time to finish up my opening series of GTD posts with a description of my workflow — and a tour of my work area to boot!

Reading update

Picked up just a few books this week at the library, and am proud to say that I’m making my way through some of the books that have been in-progress for months. Perhaps it’s not a surprise that the two books I did finish this week perfectly reflect the main focus of my blog entries […]

Using Remember the Milk for Getting Things Done

Remember the Milk is a cool web-based application that helps you make lists and check them off. It’s also accessible offline using Google Gears and through mobile devices. It’s also a fantastic tool for implementing Getting Things Done. My GTD system has been in place for only four days, so I’m still moving things around, […]

GTD setup week

Three posts in one day is a lot even for me, but here’s my weekly update…


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