Baby carriage baby shower wrapup

This Saturday was the baby shower.

I’ve already shown the invitations and favors, but as this is a wrap-up post, I’ll show them again!

The invitation was based off of an istockphoto vector illustration, recolored to match our blue/green theme:

Baby shower invitation

The invitations were on different colors of cardstock, which I happened to already have available, so they were very cost-efficient:

Baby shower invitation

I purchased green tea and glued on my own baby carriage tags over the existing tea label:

Making baby shower favor teabags

Then I cut and glued the tea bag envelopes:

Baby shower favor teabags

Finally, I also created a recipe card for one of the desserts that one of the organizers was making – Green Tea Shortbread:

Recipe card and tea bag

I designed another shadow box for our friends’ upcoming baby boy:

Shadow box

Some notes about the materials:

  • I came across the turtle and the wood blocks at a thrift store for literally pennies apiece. They matched the colors of the shower, so I bought them for the frame.
  • I then found that the baby’s bedding is going to have pastel rubber duckies. So I looked around for quite a while for a plush duck that was cute and that would fit in the frame. I eventually found a Gund plush duck, but it was just slightly too plump. So I opened up the seam in the back and took out some of the stuffing to make it fit better. 🙂
  • The picture frame inside a frame idea was borrowed from the other shadow box I made for our other friends.

The party itself was a great success, and the mother-to-be had a wonderful time.

We stuck with the blue-green theme. Liz, aka decorating genius disguised as a receptionist, brought blue and green linens, white serving dishes (including a cool three-tier dessert holder) and blue chargers (under the white plates), and devised a cool use for candle holders by putting tea cups and saucers on top of them. We borrowed glass plates and cups from the grandmother-to-be. I had some blue glass goblets. Pears, limes, and a couple of silk green orchids rounded out the decorations.


We worked the blue and green theme pretty hard with the food as well. I made cucumber sandwiches and fruit salad (with honeydew, grapes, and blueberries), and picked up some mini blueberry scones from the store. Holly made beautiful sandwich wraps with spinach, turkey, and cranberry sauce. Liz made green tea shortbread and picked out green and blue m’n’m’s from several packages. Julie brought blueberry iced tea, and we also had water with cucumber and mint.

Blue and green food

We were surprised by how this turned out, but the hostess’ house was decorated in blue and green as well! In fact, she had a large glass vase with blue-green stones in the bottom and a candle inside. The shape of the vase was exactly the same shape as my blue goblets. We couldn’t have “planned” it better.

Vase is the same shape as goblets.

We asked Holly to bring two vases of peacock feathers that she had at her house. They added a very elegant touch.

Peacock feathers and prizes.

Everyone raved about how beautiful it was. We were really happy to provide a nice environment for a very special occasion.

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