Thursday week update

I have a short work week, so here’s my weekly update. Tomorrow, I’m leaving for Santa Cruz and Monterey for a weekend 5-year anniversary trip!

  • Groundhog Day Resolution review day is coming up on Saturday, 7/7. But I’ll be doing it a day late when I get back from my trip.
  • For a three day work-week, I’m getting through projects at a decent pace. My project time sheets are split up across different Excel spreadsheets, and jotting down overall how much I’m making notes for a daily total has helped to keep me motivated to meet a daily earning goal.
  • Why bother when routines when you aren’t having a routine week? 🙂 What with a holiday yesterday and then trying to put in a few more hours to make up for my trip, exercise and routines have nearly gone out the window. I say “nearly,” because I have managed to keep my sink clean and my inboxes empty. And I even practiced harp a couple of times.
  • Moving much further than I thought I would with personal branding and new business stuff, so that’s been encouraging.

I forgot to thank comment-givers in my last weekly update, so here is almost two weeks’ worth. Thanks for chatting, Marcia (Organising Queen), DDRDancer, LizB, Britt, Kristine, DIYSara, Penny, Doodah!, Jolynna, Richie, Lea, Samhallife, Mirta, Darren (Entropicon), Stephen, Suzanne, Mike, Dave, Lynn, Kate, and Jeroen!


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