Weekly update

I forgot to do an update post yesterday because I felt like I already had, but realized that’s because I posted my Groundhog Day Resolution review mid-week!

  • Overall, a pretty good week. GDR review day was good for motivation in getting back into the swing of routines and goal-achieving.
  • I tweaked my routine yet again so that I practice harp in the morning, immediately after my devotional time. While this makes my workday start later, I’ve been getting up so early that it doesn’t make a significant difference to anyone else!
  • I also finally put a post-it note on the bathroom mirror to remind me to go through my evening routines.
  • I went on two short runs without injury. Hooray!
  • I started hacking away at HTML/CSS for my new web site design. Ran into a roadblock with positioning challenges as I’m trying to work with my existing HTML, and it’s looking I might just need to completely update and rebuild my site from scratch and do it “right.” This was a little demotivating (I was hoping for a quick update), but I’m going to schedule time next week into my work week to work on it.
  • Ate a lot more fruits and veggies, especially in the form of blackberry limeade. 🙂 Also tried not to overeat at meals and mostly succeeded! Trying to eat slower and really enjoy my food… I typically wolf things down.
  • I took a small but critical step towards my new business by ordering boxes for shipping.

Finally, thanks for continuing to visit, and thanks to those who commented: Aldo de Moor, samhallife, @Stephen, Doodah!, Penny, LizB, Britt, Mary Beth, Amber, Ben, Mark, Senia.com Positive Psychology Coaching, Organising Queen (Marcia), and Dan Schwabel. By the way, I’m trying to use your post-name as the link text for these links, so if you’d rather have your blog name or company name instead of your first name, change it when you next post a comment. 🙂


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